Pro Handling Overhaul Package by magician57v

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Pro Handling Overhaul Package

The Pro Handling Overhaul Package includes 11 mods that improves the default NFS16 physics by removing artificial attributes. The end result is a fun, predictable, glitch free handling model, that brings out the best of the original physics designed by Ghost.

If you want a easier to install AIO package, then install: Need For Speed Remastered Mod which is based on this mod.

Update 2.4 improves drift for awd cars. Adds new brake-to-drift nerf (B2DT13) mod. Recommended one is [ESSENTIAL] NFS16_BrakeToDrift Nerf_B2DT13 which completely turns off brake to drift & instead buffs brake to drift from gas let off & gas stab, requiring more throttle control to drift cars. This also means cars don't insta-drift when braking & brakes work as they should, which is slowing the cars down.

Preferred Combination: Use all 11 mods, without the alternate versions.

[Version 2.4]
How to install & use:
1. Download Frosty Mod Manager
2. Download the mod
3. Extract the zip files
4. Open Frosty mod manager > Select NFS16 > Click on import Mod(s) & import the .fbmod files from the downloaded mod zip > Select all Mods > Click Apply Mod(s)
5. Make sure all the mods are ticked in the Applied Mods section > Click Launch Game from Frosty Mod Manager

**[Requires Frosty Alpha 2 or higher]**
**[Reinstall tire, differential, suspension, sway bar & reset your tune so that previous values don't interfere]**

1. By default, newly purchased cars will have shortest gear ratio & Brake to Drift Turned Off. Tune your cars before heading out.
2. Set Manual Gear Slider all the way to On, to enable it.

Mods in the package:
1. [CORE] Pro Handling Overhaul Package
Merges NoAssists+Extended Tuning, Extended Suspension Tuning Options & Suspension and Sway Bar upgrades Overhaul.
This is the core component of the pro handling overhaul package.
Disables Drift & Grip Assists
Replaces Drift Stability Assist with Gear Ratio Tuning
Replaces Launch Control with Rear Suspension Tuning (Now there is separate front & rear suspension tuning)
Overhauls suspension & sway bar upgrades. They change actual suspension & swaybar settings; instead of being just visual.
Keeps Brake to Drift Slider (Preferred to use it with B2DNerf)
Adds Toe & Caster Tuning
[Set Manual Gear Slider all the way to On, to enable it.]

2. [ESSENTIAL] NFS16_BrakeToDrift Nerf_B2DT13
Nerfs brake-to-drift instead of turning it off. Use the brake to drift slider to adjust different level of nerfing.
Slider can be used to adjust slip angle required to enter drift, when using brake/brake-stab. Placing the slider towards off increases required slip angle, thus matching regular slip angle required for drift.
Better than stock slider because, it does not mess up handbrake (does not cause insta/unpredictable handbrake spinouts)
Multiple versions are included that offer different kinds of drifting. Read mod descriptions in frosty.
Recommended one is [ESSENTIAL] NFS16_BrakeToDrift Nerf_B2DT13 - which completely turns off brake to drift & buffs drift with gas let off & gas stab, requiring more throttle control.

3. [ESSENTIAL] NFS16_Updated Drift Config
Fixes auto-steer/steering lag on some cars. Improves scandinavian flick. Improves drift & drift exit for awd cars as well.

4. [ESSENTIAL] NFS16_Handling Effect_Extended Config for Suspension Tuning
Extends stance tuning configs & overhauls it to make it affect handling as it would in real life.
(Alternate version of extended config does not modify performance/handling, only for looks.)

5. [ESSENTIAL] NFS16_Overhauled Differential Tuning
Overhauled differential tuning to actually tune differential settings.
(Alternate [NM] version does not modify volvo & vw transmission resulting in always open diff. for them.)

6. [ESSENTIAL] NFS16_Overhauled Tire Upgrades
Overhauled tire upgrades to actually adjust grip level, instead of just drift angle.

7. [IMPROVEMENT] NFS16_Crash Sequence Remove
Removes crash cam sequence.

8. [IMPROVEMENT] NFS16_Zero Tumble
Removes artificial tumble. Makes crashes more realistic. May reduce crash.

9. [IMPROVEMENT] NFS16_Remove Crashing Rules
Removes racer crashing rules & health profile. Might reduce crashing. Requires Testing.

10. [IMPROVEMENT] NFS16_Default Assists Config Remove
Removes default ESC, TCS & ABS Config. Improves handling.
(If you want to disable just one specific assist, use the separated version in the folder.)

11. [IMPROVEMENT] NFS16_Traffic Collision Update
Updates traffic collision to be same as player/racer.

Tuning Guide

[Update 1.1]
Added Update to Crash Component - Disables Crash Cam
[Update 1.2]
Optimization - Removes unnecessary changes
[Update 1.3]
Adds - [Beta] Delete Default Assists Config - deleting ABS, ESC, TCS configs that all cars use. This effectively disables them. Not sure if it changes the handling in any noticeable manner. Included as optional for peace of mind.
[Update 1.4] - Major
Remade all mods.
Removed performance modifier assists
Improvements to drift config - Reduces/fixes auto-steer/steering lag on some cars, improves Scandinavian flick
Improvement to remove crash sequence
Updated default assists config remove
Updated crashing rules remove
Added traffic collision update
[Update 1.5]
Nerfed Torque Tuning
Added - Overhauled Differential Tuning: Now it actually tunes differential values
Added - Overhauled Tire Tuning: Now it adjusts tire grip levels too
[Update 2.0]
Adds Toe & Caster Tuning
Overhauls Suspension & Sway Bar upgrades/tuning.
Extends suspension tuning config with effect on handling
Other Optimization
[Update 2.1]
Adds Back ABS Config Remove to Default Assists Config Remove. Also includes separate versions that disable individual assists.
[Update 2.2]
Separates front & rear suspension tuning & adds back brake-to-drift slider, which can be used to completely disable brake to drift engagement or nerf brake to drift (recommend to be used with B2DNerf addon).
*Requires Frosty Mod Manager Alpha 2 or above.
[Update 2.3]
Improves the drift config further, plus adds few new brake-to-drift-nerf mods. Recommended one is [ESSENTIAL] NFS16_BrakeToDrift Nerf_B2DT12 which completely turns off brake to drift & instead buffs brake to drift from gas let off & gas stab, requiring more throttle control to drift cars. This also means cars don't insta-drift when braking & brakes work as they should, which is slowing the cars down.
[Update 2.4]
Further improves drift component (especially for awd cars). Adds a new brake-to-drift nerf mod (B2DT13) which is now the recommended one.


thegiogrande (October 13, 2021 @ 07:53)
Ohhh that makes more sense now that you explain it.
That would be VERY much appreciated if you could offer an optional update for that.
I really like everything else about this mod over other driving mod offerings that go so far into grip territory that even the e-brake can't let the car loose a little around corners unless you go full drift setup.
Your fbmod is nearly exactly as I always wanted 2016 to handle outside of brake-to-drift always being on.

magician57v (October 12, 2021 @ 16:41)
I should clarify, this mod does not disable brake-to-drift, but removes brake-to-drift activation slider. All cars have brake to drift by default. That default slider used to disable only the drift engagement when braking & brake stab. I will post an optional update that adds back the slider so you can disable brake-to-drift.

thegiogrande (October 12, 2021 @ 03:21)
What's very odd is that this mod works, but for whatever reason, brake to drift is enabled...
I can make a grip build yet the moment I tap the brakes it transitions into a slide.

UltraGravy3 (September 27, 2021 @ 05:44)
My word. 1+2+6 makes the handling as it always should have been bravo. No more steering locked to centre, or weird crabbing, with the same drift feel and action camera support as default. Highly recommended!

UltraGravy3 (September 26, 2021 @ 23:51)
Nvm wasn't as difficult to get as I thought it would be


Uploaded at: August 20, 2021 @ 17:37