Lightning McQueen Customizable by Redline

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Lightning McQueen Customizable

Me Redline
alright the first "Serious" Lightning McQueen mod less goo

Unlimiter V3 - nlgzrgn
Vlted v4.6 - nfsu360
Binary v.2.8.3 - MaxHwoy
A copy of nfsmw without any Ed/Modloader car mods

4 Bodykits
4 "Car Specific" Hoods
4 "Car Specific" Spoilers and all the vannila spoilers work
No vannila hoods
No Roof scoops (srsly one kit has a good roofscoop)
its not an EC still now but will get better in later updates
Paints and vinyls dont work as the body kits have their own vinyls (ik its confusing but paint and stuff dont work)
The paint is not shiny rather "dull" due to a the above reason ^

3d Model and textures:
From Race O Rama (to octane mod for Cars Maternational and to nfsmw)
Thanks to Paynecars
Me for importing it to nfsmw

Nfsms and Binary Files:
By KenjaMajo

Frontend Textures:
Made by me

A funfact:
This car will be used in Need For Memes:POGSTREET (by ZURA)

Beta Testers:
(Sorry If I missed anyones name)

1. Open Binary and install LIGHTNING INSTALLER.end when asked to save click ok and dont run the game
2. Copy _CarManufacturers.ini to script -> unlimiterdata folder and replace if asked
3. Open Vlted and click import then select LIGHTNING.nfsms and click on ok then after it has installed go to file -> save
4. Run the game and make a new save file
5. ENJOY :D!

Any problems with the mod you can either comment or dm me in discord at this user name
Username: CONCEPT OVERDRIVE™⚡#8173

Thanks for the pogstreet and pepega community for helping supporting and beta testing the mod
I make sure to make more mods


Danyoo (January 02, 2022 @ 13:06)
kachow moment

REDLINE95 (October 03, 2021 @ 16:00)
yes bruh :D

Binglar (October 02, 2021 @ 11:57)
i was mentioned :)

Uploaded at: September 30, 2021 @ 06:14