NFS HD Reflections by Aero_

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NFS HD Reflections

Widescreen Fix
PS3 Visual Treatment for NFS Carbon

UPDATE: 10/24/2022

- Added RealisticChrome.
- The rearview mirror is now less likely to scroll across the screen because of a rare visual bug.

- Added RestoreEnhancedContrast. The "Enhanced Contrast" effect will apply to the rearview mirror.
- Added RestoreHeadlights. Headlights will correctly render within road reflections. Thanks to Archie.
- Added MotionBlurStrength. A multiplier that allows you to control the amount of motion blur.
- Added ExpandMemoryPools from Unlimiter to improve stability.
- The rearview mirror is now less likely to scroll across the screen because of a rare visual bug.
- Renamed "NewMotionBlur" to "ImproveMotionBlur".

- Added RestoreWaterReflections. Enables water reflection rendering at all times for the "Xbox 360 Stuff" shader mod.
- Added ForceEnableMirror. The rearview mirror will be visible for all camera views.
- Added additional code to ExpandMemoryPools from Unlimiter to improve stability.
- Renamed "ExpandMemoryPool" to "ExpandMemoryPools" for naming parity with Unlimiter.
- Solved a bug that caused destroyed objects and particle effects to not appear in the rearview mirror.

- Added support for the "ViTALITY" exe. Thanks to Berkay.


1. Move the appropriate scripts folder to your game's install folder.
2. Download and extract
3. Move dinput8.dll to your game's install folder.
4. Enjoy!

Optional HD Cubemap for Need for Speed Carbon

Note: Check the INI file for all available features! These are just general features.
  • HDReflections : Resolution will be increased based on desktop resolution.
  • CubemapRes : Controls the resolution of vehicle cubemaps used in the front-end.
  • OldGPUCompatibility: Vehicle reflections will be rounded to the nearest power of two.
  • Scale : Controls the resolution multiplier of reflections.
  • ImproveReflectionLOD : Increases the level of detail used in reflections.
  • ExtendRenderDistance : Increases the render distance of vehicle reflections.
  • RealFrontEndReflections : Enables real-time vehicle reflections in the front end.
  • RealisticChrome : Makes the chrome materiel more reflective.
  • VehicleReflectionBrightness : Controls the intensity of vehicle reflections.

Q: Is this compatible with other mods?
A: I can't make any guarantees. It's been tested with Widescreen Fix, Extra Options, Unlimiter, and HUD Resizer. All texture mods and car mods should work.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: It's difficult to say because it depends on your resolution, settings, and other enhancements being used. For 1080p, an NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD RX 480 should be more than enough for default settings.

Q: Why is a No-CD fix required?
A: Need for Speed games have protections (DRM) that make it difficult to view and modify their code, so No-CD patches are often recommended when using ASI scripts. In addition, the memory addresses in my scripts are all harcoded, so it's not something I can easily change. If you're concerned about security, ask the community on the NFSMods Discord to help you acquire these patches from a trusted source.

Q: Why is the latest version of the Widescreen Fix recommended?
A: Most of the features I make are often designed to work with the Widescreen Fix, as I'm heavily involved in the development of both mods. Carbon's "XB360Reflections" and "LightingFix" features are a good example of this. The Widescreen Fix is also a good foundation that everyone should use, since it corrects visual and technical errors the PC ports have.

Q: Why don't I have water reflections like your screenshot of Need for Speed Most Wanted?
A: Install Xbox 360 Stuff Pack V2 by osdever & elaymm4. My screenshot simply demonstrates the improvement in resolution.

Q: What happened to the old mod pages?
A: They've been deleted. I've decided to consolidate everything into a single package; this applies to the download page and source code. It's easier to manage and more convenient for everyone.

Q: Can I bundle this with my own mod?
A: If your mod is free and you credit me, yes.

Aero_ : Creator of NFS HD Reflections.

Archie : Providing information needed for RestoreDetails in Need for Speed Carbon.
nlgzrgn & Berkay : Providing information needed for ExpandMemoryPools in Need for Speed Carbon.
osdever : Providing information needed for RestoreShaders in Need for Speed Most Wanted.
rx : Providing information needed for DisableFlareRotation in Need for Speed Carbon.
SpeedyHeart : Providing information needed for RestoreSkybox and AspectRatioFix in Need for Speed Carbon.


LightRock97 (November 01, 2022 @ 19:39)
The "ImproveMotionBlur" on U2 looks excellent. I usually turn it off immediately, but his one is subtle, looks good and mostly screams when you use nitro. I wonder if it'll come to MW. The Xbox 360 Stuff motion blur is 100% superior to the vanilla one, but this new U2 is better still. Thank you, and keep it up!

Draxin (October 31, 2022 @ 07:35)
Disregard my last comment, I forgot to turn the RestoreDetails setting to 2 in the config file...

I'm cringing so hard at myself right now.

@Lumanator MW doesn't have speedlines on PC but Carbon does, there's even a mod that removes them from the game.

Lumanator (October 27, 2022 @ 20:56)
It could be me, but where did the speedlines for most wanted and carbon go.

Draxin (October 24, 2022 @ 23:36)
Destroyed objects now appear in the rearview mirror however particle effects are still missing after the most recent update.

YellowDude (October 24, 2022 @ 07:22)
in the MW 2005 version at least

Uploaded at: January 01, 2022 @ 00:10