ProStreet Vanilla car sound restoration by The_Unpunished

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ProStreet Vanilla car sound restoration

ProStreet vanilla car sound restoration

Some of the PS's car sound files originally reached over internal 1mb limit, some of them are improperly encoded, making them unusable or sound not up to par with some other sounds.
This mod restores some of them, making them usable again.

Files affected

  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_077-engine.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_077-exhaust.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_085-exhaust.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_087-engine.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_087-exhaust.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_089-engine.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_103-engine.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_103-exhaust.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_114-engine.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_114-exhaust.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_127-exhaust.tmx
  • SOUND/ENGINE/car_129-exhaust.tmx
As a side effect this mod also fixes vanilla stock McLaren F1 sound (the file size limit was the issue that caused it not to work).


  • Put SOUND folder into root folder of the game;
  • Optionally you can install a VLT Script fix cad_ctsvr_a.nfsms via VLTEd, which fixes the game from immediately crashing after your car starts driving, if you use cad_ctsvr_a engineaudio_ng nodes.


  • 1.0: initial release.
  • 1.1: added files for ply_cuda_a (car_077).
  • 1.2: added file for exhaust chr_srt8_a (car_085).


  • nfsu360 for VLTEd;
  • Black Box for original sounds;
  • jfwfreo for snrtool code.


kerro (April 10, 2022 @ 15:26)
hello i prepared car audio for prostreet so i can convert it to .tmx format

Neon114 (February 09, 2022 @ 14:09)
Hey man, I gotta ask you two things.
1 - can I use this in my mod? You'll be credited.
2 - Will you do the same for World ones? As you know, World ones have same problem as cad_ctsvr_b when backported to PS and UC, they are slient when using -player prefix but heard when using -AI, a fix for those would be good.