Realistic Lancer Evo 8/8MR Engine Sound by CovRETE37

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Realistic Lancer Evo 8/8MR Engine Sound

Realistic Lancer Evo 8/8MR Engine Sound

For NFS Most Wanted 2005
by CovRETE37

- Sound file from NFS Carbon & NFS TMX's sound.

- Available change both Stock & Ultimate sound.

> v1.0
- Initial release.

1. First, You must have latest NFS VltEd
2. Run NFS-Vlted.exe, click File > Open > Browse to your NFSMW directory.
3. Click File > Import > ModScript > Browse to "Install.nfsms".
3a. Required to install Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 MR if you want apply to that car.
4. Install it, save it, start game for see different!

- If you found other bug, lemme know.

- NFS VltEd
- Notepad

> CovRETE37 (me)
- Main this author mod
- Create all script mod
> EA Blackbox
- Original file sounds.
> The people who extracted from TMX sound.
> The people who made tools for easily modding.
> And other people may forgot write in here.

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alexdivi96 (March 24, 2024 @ 18:12)
Please sound Engine PS2 version nfs Carbon called evo8_a_cg

Kasumi (January 21, 2022 @ 22:26)
Errors out. First it says:

"add_node emgineaudio cr37 mit_evo8_a_low_rpm" "The class 'engineaudio' does not contain node 'cr37'"

For all others it just goes "The class 'engineaudio' does not contain 'mit_evo8_a_low_rpm' node" since it failed creating that node earlier.

Should the "cr37" be just... "default"?

"add_node engineaudio cr37 mit_evo9_a" also fails to install and returns a long string of errors.

Changing both "cr37" entries to "default" in add_data.nfsms made it install.


Uploaded at: January 13, 2022 @ 05:54