Rally Checkpoint Tracks by Frexellia

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Rally Checkpoint Tracks


you'll find these tracks on blacklist 13 (Golf Course), 10 (Forest Loop) & 8 (Rally Run)
since there are no barriers on the forest & golf area, minimap is very critical so don't turn it off
otherwise you'll get yourself confused racing these tracks
so how do you race on these without barriers ? in the minimap pass the blue checkpoints first then red and lastly yellow up to the finish line

Little preview

Update 0.5:
- LunicAura's HUD as the map's base
- Added support for LunicAura's HUD
- Clearer & less pixelated race minimap

no barriers (I can't find any barriers that is not blocking the track path)
for some unknown reason if you race with AI opponent the game would crash or the AI become retarded
total checkpoint/tollboth hud will always shows 1 but the counter work

Tools Used:
  • RaceToolkit (MaxHwoy, Trackmaniamatt, RaTT & r033)
  • Binary (MaxHwoy)
  • ExtraOptions (ExtOps Team)
  • Photoshop (Adobe)
  • Notepad++ (Don Ho)
Thanks To:
  • Edelgaspirat for the tutorial
  • LunicAura for the Upscaled HUD
  • KenjaMago & Ariso for grippiest car suggestion


ed13 (July 11, 2022 @ 14:28)
What the RaceToolkit? I didn't find it on google.

wavecq (April 08, 2022 @ 21:39)
I really like this mod. Each tollbooth is easy to spot and anticipate from the minimap. It's not easy, in fact, it can be quite challenging if you mess up your corners. And I don't mind not having barriers, it adds to the realism xD

Frexellia (February 01, 2022 @ 08:09)
@Serhtwia maybe later
@Ariso thanks, without you mentioning clio I'll never be able to calculate how the ai behaves on these grass roads since all cars is pretty retarded as ai except golf and clio those were decent until they became retarded after 4-5 checkpoints

Ariso (January 31, 2022 @ 13:48)
Surprised that I (somehow) helped
Nonetheless, Interesting idea for a mod.

Serhtwia (January 30, 2022 @ 20:00)
can you make the map compatible with https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1096


Uploaded at: January 30, 2022 @ 09:25