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ABK Insert


Inserter for ABKs - Sound format of NFS games. Based on decompiled code of "ABK_insert.exe" by id-daemon(?)

+BNKl bank format (Underground - Most Wanted):
EA-XA R2 codec (Underground - Most Wanted)
uncompressed 16 bit PCM (Underground, ?)
+S10A bank format (Carbon+) since v3.0:
EA-XAS codec
If you are found compatibility issue, let me know. https://github.com/CrabJournal/ABK_Insert/issues

Same as in original:
ABK_insert [ABK file] [wav file] [sample № to replace]
Use mono 16-bit files only.
SX.exe and EA_ADPCM_codec.dll must be in the same dir.


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