Sonny's Ford Fiesta by LoodyGawra

Category: Vinyls | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

Sonny's Ford Fiesta

Very old mod of mine that I've forgot to upload here.. why Fiesta you may ask, well at time of making these there was no NBMC tool so i opted out for Fiesta over Focus cuz Focus got trash specs both being small cars

Sonny's Ford Fiesta (LOL)

Simply put the VEH_2196197_HI.BNDL in VEHICLES folder replacing the original

Mod made thanks to:
-SwiftZC33S for making UV maps useable as vinyls,
-Me for texture itself


BadHairDay (August 13, 2022 @ 17:50)
why are you disappointed avon

Avon (August 09, 2022 @ 22:54)
I'm disappointed.

Jzplays (August 09, 2022 @ 16:48)
bro I loved this skin I wish it also had the ken block skin on the ford focus that secret car

BlackRockStella (August 09, 2022 @ 08:00)
My favorite shitbox car just got an upgrade.

Uploaded at: August 08, 2022 @ 09:04