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Need for Speed - NEXT-GEN Custom HUD

Games supported:
- Underground 1
- Underground 2
- MostWanted ( Rework, Redux, RG-Graphics, Plak, Reshade )
- Carbon ( RG-Graphics, Redux )
- Undercover

Replaces original in-game tachometer, speedometer


1st → download | extract | install Archie Custuom Hud Mod
Archie Custuom Hud Mod
copy/paste content → inside GAME DIRECTORY.
(Extract using 7zip or Winrar)

2nd → download NEXT-GEN Custom Hud Mod
extract and copy/paste inside GAME DIRECTORY → SCRIPTS folder


If there are any bugs you can contact me through discord
Discord Id: CiPHER#9932
or you can always find me on Prestige Mods Server

Special Thanks to KNIGHT HUNTER for help.

You are NOT allowed to distribute or re-upload this mod.


Coming Soon! Stay Tuned.


Vannan195 (March 03, 2023 @ 20:36)
Awesome! Thanks, CiPHER! Take as long as you need, you don't need to rush.

CiPHER (March 03, 2023 @ 08:19)
Hey, Vannan195

Yes, I can do that ... I checked your shared image, and it can be done
wait for a while, I have other projects in the queue.

Vannan195 (March 03, 2023 @ 02:59)
Hello, CiPHER. Very cool HUD. Could you maybe do the Compact Hud from the SRB2K Daytona Mod?

CiPHER (February 12, 2023 @ 18:07)
Thanks, Ferrarized
I'm Glad you liked it.

Ferrarized (February 11, 2023 @ 15:48)
Looks amazing , good work !

Uploaded at: February 05, 2023 @ 07:26