Fixed Taillight Textures Pack by TheBadSina

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Fixed Taillight Textures Pack

This mod aims to improve a better experience in nfs carbon with changes and corrections in the texture of the taillights of a number of cars, which include:
(FYI: there is the "BETTER TAILLIGHT TEXTURES" [BTT] folder included in your mod folder, that contains some updated textures for other cars)

1-Fixed BRAKELIGHT_ON Texture of BMW M3 GTR E46, the original one has weird and ugly black lines on top of the light when they're ON for braking.
+ [BTT] NFSMW BMW M3 GTR's both BRAKELIGHT_OFF and BRAKELIGHT_ON Textures but darkened like the original ones.

2-Fixed BRAKELIGHT_ON Texture of Dodge Challenger Concept, which was previously used duplicated BRAKELIGHT_OFF texture instead.

3-Fixed both BRAKELIGHT_OFF and BRAKELIGHT_ON Textures of Lamborghini Gallardo, which was ridiculously used darkened BRAKELIGHT_ON Texture of Gallardo from NFSMW as the "LIGHT OFF" texture in PS2 version of nfs carbon for this car before.

4-[BTT] Replaced both old BRAKELIGHT_OFF and BRAKELIGHT_ON Textures of Lamborghini Murcielago LP640-4 with new and accurate ones from NFSW (World), old ones has incorrect brakelight texture.

5-Fixed BRAKELIGHT_ON Texture of all Civic Cop variants.

6-Fixed HEADLIGHT_GLASS_ON Texture of FORD GT (because those fog light glasses are darkened and not visible for some reason)

7-Fixed incorrect BRAKELIGHT_GLASS_ON Texture and missing center brakelight of Renault Sport CLIO V6.

8- Fixed the Murcielago's BRAKELIGHT_ON Texture, which was incorrectly slightly darker than BRAKELIGHT_ON
+ [BTT] Fixed wrong and incorrect brake light position of Murcielago's BRAKELIGHT_ON Texture, now it's in right and correct position! the brake light was placed incorrectly in 4th light (from right to left) before, instead in 1st light (from left to right).

9-[BTT] Replaced both old taillight textures of ELISE (111R), the Lotus Elise in nfsc originally is the 111R "US-Spec" series but with incorrect early EU-Spec model taillights, now it uses new ones from NFSPS.

10- Fixed Nissan 350Z's missing middle (rear window) brake light texture in BRAKELIGHT_ON

11-[BTT] Replaced both old and "blured" BRAKELIGHT_ON and BRAKELIGHT_OFF Textures of Dodge Charger SRT-8 with newer and better ones from NFSW, all clean and better...

12-[BTT] Replaced BRAKELIGHT_ON Texture of Chevrolet Camaro Concept with newer one from NFSPS.

13- Fixed Nissan 240SX's BRAKELIGHT_ON (center brake light) Texture. (UPDATED)

14- Fixed and Replaced Both BRAKELIGHT_GLASS_OFF and BRAKELIGHT_OFF Textures of Chevrolet CAMARO SS 396. the original texture was the same brakelight glass on but badly darkened from PS2 demo version of carbon. (same Gallardo's taillights story again)

15- Fixed Both COPSUV light and heavy's BRAKELIGHT_ON and BRAKELIGHT_OFF Textures. there was a faint white spot-like thing on both textures which was a bit unusual, now they're gone and cleaned.

16- Fixed BRAKELIGHT_ON Textures of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR-edition. as New car that was introduced in NFSC and alongside Gallardo and Camaro SS in PS2 demo version of nfs carbon, was using darkened BRAKELIGHT_ON texture as OFF texture and in final version, Evo IX's 2nd red lamp in BRAKELIGHT_ON Texture isn't too brightened enough as 1st lamp and still very dark same as demo OPM ver.


+Several cars has been "updated" and fixed with their BRAKELIGHT_ON_GLASS and OFF_GLASS textures (see them in the "CARS" folder).

(Screenshots will be added soon.)

Installation is simple. before ruining your beautiful game without knowledge, please read the "README" for more instruction.

++Backup folder has been included!++

my suggest is use the More770's ''Fixing Vehicles'' mod for better experience!
(Recommended only for Gallardo)

Give me credit if you want to use them in your mod pack.


budgettoaster1758 (January 23, 2024 @ 06:09)
The Elise brakelight texture looks really nice, and it also works for Undercover

TheBadSina (January 20, 2024 @ 20:03)
@SMighty There's no need, it's only because of the "Gallardo" that you need Fixing Vehicles due to the fixing of the taillight textures, because it was not a problem to fix one of the rear light markers.

SMighty (January 20, 2024 @ 17:18)
Hi, I wanna ask to creator. Is we should install "Fixing Vehicles" mod first or install this mod first?
-thank you

TheBadSina (October 19, 2023 @ 11:44)
@RestlessDreams91 ye

RestlessDreams91 (October 18, 2023 @ 18:21)
Just wanted to be sure - is your mo compatible with "Fixing Vehicles" and they works together?
Or i must choose one between two of them?
Thank you!

Uploaded at: August 23, 2023 @ 17:15


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