(BETA) NFS ProStreet Revitalised by Ogrady

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(BETA) NFS ProStreet Revitalised

They left us with room to improve it, so I present how Need For Speed: ProStreet should've been (at least VLT wise, that's all I really know how to work with...)

Public Release 1
  • McLaren F1 stock sound changed from cad_ctsvr_b to a, so that it works and matches the console version, and C6 Corvette Stingray no longer changes to C2 sounds after engine upgrades are applied.
(The Corvette sound issue is due to an overlap with the engine package used in the carparts data, which I did not correct, I instead replaced the sounds. As such, the issue is not fixed, rather it has been inverted. I have fixed this now, and the two will have properly separated sounds from release 2 onwards.)

  • (Available as standalone) Replaced forced induction upgrades on the Plymouth RoadRunner with actual induction upgrades, instead of duplicate engine upgrades.
  • (Available as standalone) Gave the Dodge Challenger proper widebody wheel offsets.
  • All cars can reach the game's max speed of 250mph.
Dodge Challenger Concept: widebody offsets
Plymouth RoadRunner: forced induction fix

Assists changes
  • Racer assists no longer supports auto-braking.

Racing modes/classes
  • The 250mph max speed limitation has been lifted in drag events.
  • (DEMO, applies to AE86 Corolla only for now) Speed cars accelerate faster and have greater downforce

Wider and global scale changes
  • (Available as standalone) Free Play
  • Hidden Redline: rev to max RPM in auto, like in manual.
  • Fast Shift: universally sets the gear shifting speed (shift clutch and shift throttle) to 0.2 (except where already lower), removing the need to use clutch manual on some cars.
    Also: some FWD and AWD cars shift instantly like all RWD cars do in drag after applying the Fast Shift change
  • Reversed the heresy: modern muscles now have supercharger induction upgrades instead of turbos
  • Coward Mode (Warning: removing camera shake almost entirely may result in harsh judgement by other players)
NFSPS Free Play (formerly the Free Pass)

Car specific
  • Retail R35 GTR performance changed to skyliner35, its unused performance model.
    The stock performance will need to be replaced in a later version of the mod as it causes the car to shift way too early in grip and speed.
  • Replaced the carparts on the Ford GT with the Koenigsegg, converting it from tier 2 to 3.
    This removes all upgrades across all existing GTs, except nitrous which is universal. The bonus speed car will be reverted back to stock. This change is a prerequisite for a future part of the pack and cannot be avoided if you choose to use the sound mods when they arrive.

  • Desktop icon (see the mod thumbnail, includes the PNGs for each size)
  • Two license plate designs

(If the images don't work, click here and here
  • ??? (See comments, the bonus script has been guessed correctly)

You will need
ARCHIE's car customiser (or any other blueprint editor, as long as it saves as .nfspscd)

Video demos are available in the Youtube playlist linked here, but there will be a lot to cover in the end, so I will only show off a couple of things. If there's anything in this pack that you feel I should do a demonstration for and have not done so yet, just let me know in the comments here or on any of the existing videos.


Public Release 2 targets
  • New stock performance for Nissan R35 retail (mix between original and the one used here, to fix the shifting RPM)
  • New speed physics applied to all cars
  • 5/6 speed and 6/7 speed transmissions (causing issues/delays)
  • Minor changes to retro muscle upgrade sounds (done)
  • Make the retro Mustang GT500 viable for drag (causing issues/delays)
  • Hybrid stage 2/4 nitrous for DBR9 and Veyron (done)
  • "Revitalised" blueprints for the hero cars (done)
  • Introduction of unified sounds
  • Remove FOV scaling (camera zoom out effect) when using nitrous, and replace with negative scaling (zoom in) for gear shifting (done)
  • Need For Speed World sound import

Expansion 1

Due to having little time to dedicate to developing my mods, I decided to reduce the focus of this update solely to the hero cars. Any other changes that I had already finished have also been included.

More specifically:
  • Re-fixed the Corvette sounds
  • Veyron and DBR9 have 4 charges of stage 2 nitrous
  • The camera no longer zooms out under nitrous
  • Adjusted customisation and performance parts of hero cars via importable blueprints
The original presets have not been touched and as such the kings will not use or award these new versions. The upside, however, is that you can use the blueprints whenever if you have the corresponding car in your garage. Also, the Ryan Cooper variants are from this video.

  • Early access to sound changes for hero cars and others within their groups (keep in mind these are unfinished)
  • Original NFS World sound import (required for one of the sound changes, and the files are on OneDrive only as the folder is almost double the allowed size here after zipping)
  • Unified sounds (categories of linked car sounds)

Even more specific:

These cars have intentionally had sound changes: 240SX, M3 (E92), GT500 (S197), GTO (Gen 2)

These cars have inherited one of the above sound changes: all retro muscle cars, 200SX

These are the unified sound groups active in this version:
  • 5 cylinder Audi Upgraded Audi S3/TT
  • 8 cylinder Audi Audi S4/RS4
  • 6th gen Corvette Upgraded C6s (vanilla Z06 sound by default, temp)
  • Ford Mustang GTs
  • Honda families (2 separate groups for Civic and Integra)
  • Mitsubishi Evos (temp)
  • Nissan families (R35 GTR group and Silvia group)
  • Porsche 911 GT2/3/3RS
  • Mazda RX (vanilla RX-7 sound by default for stock, RX-8 stock is slightly different)
  • American sports cars Cobalt and Solstice
  • Modern muscle generic stock LS Corvette Stingray C6 and GTO
  • Upgraded retro muscle
  • European hatchbacks Golf GTI and Cupra (vanilla Golf sounds by default)
  • European hypercars CCX and Veyron (vanilla Veyron sound by default)
  • German V6/VR6 Stock Golf R32, Stock Audi S3/TT (vanilla stock Golf R32 sound by default)
(The default sounds are given to indicate where sound changes occur due to these groupings e.g stock Audi S3 now uses stock VW R32 instead of stock Evo. Most of these groups will have the sounds changed within the next 3 updates as this is my next focus area.)


Ogrady (November 22, 2023 @ 01:00)
And we have a winner! (Not really, there's no prize). The bonus script is the prototype king performance models. As for the hint, the muscle car was the GTO, the German car - the M3, and they have in common that they are easily outperformed, yet were chosen as boss cars.

MisfortuneSeven (November 21, 2023 @ 20:35)
So that script basically means significant buffs to the 65' GTO and E92 M3?

Ogrady (October 10, 2023 @ 23:08)
See the comment below this one, since Wall is complaining about it being too difficult to identify what the bonus script is, I gave a hint, but I have retracted it in favour of this new hint: "A certain retro muscle car and a certain German car have what in common (in regards to this game)?"

Wall2023 (October 09, 2023 @ 23:19)
I installed the bonus script . and im have trouble identifying what it effects ?

Ogrady (September 25, 2023 @ 23:52)
@Wall2023 Nothing for a while probably. Not sure when I last worked on this (or sound mods for Most Wanted), thanks to the release of Motorfest. I think I'm about half way through the stock side of the transmission reworks. I did the sound import from NFSW a while ago but I will be re-doing it to organise it better in VLTed. There's some other stuff I've attempted before that will be in the next version but that'll probably be done from scratch as well.

Uploaded at: September 03, 2023 @ 04:25