Camaro Concept Sound Fix by budget_toaster#1758

Category: Audio | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

Camaro Concept Sound Fix

This mod makes the Camaro Concept sound more like a Chevrolet V8, rather than the Chrysler V8 and Ford Mustang V8 sound combination that the Camaro Concept has in the original game when maxed out. While this mod works for the original game, it's more so meant for Improvement Mod, since Improvement Mod allows bonus cars to be upgradeable.

Note: The unused car sounds port to Carbon mod must be installed first in order for this mod to work


Engine audio: corvette_z06_a
Exhaust audio: corvette_z06


Engine audio: corvette_z06_v2
Exhaust audio: corvette_z06

If there's any changes you all think I should make in regard to the Camaro Concept sound, please feel free to let me know. My discord is budget_toaster#1758.

Special thanks to RaTT for allowing me to use some of the corvette sounds/corvette sound nodes from his unused car sounds port to Carbon mod.


Erce (January 17, 2024 @ 17:36)
So fix that description.

Erce (January 17, 2024 @ 17:34)
In the base game, the car uses chry_srt8_a as engine and corvette_c5_exh as exhaust.

maurim3gtr (November 20, 2023 @ 04:44)
thanks for the mod. it is appreciated. I have a question. Could the sound of the zonda cinque from nfs hp2010 be ported to carbon?

Uploaded at: November 18, 2023 @ 00:53