Multilanguage Dub Mod by ArcySeguraGaming

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Multilanguage Dub Mod



This mod was inspired by Madevi's NFSC Full HD Videos mod ( They provided a pack of Full HD videos 6 languages other than English. So i have gone around gathered Audio files for SPEECH and STREAMS from 6 other versions of Carbon that you can collide WITH Madevi's for an even better experience all in one. So that way you'll have the movies and in-game audio all in one.
Shout out to Madevi for inspiring me thanks to their great mod! And if you see this, you are a legend!!! NOTE: There are some issues with the German Version having English audio cause of the localization. If there is anyone of them not working i will get rid of the them and keep the ones that work and upload the link


Instructions on how to install my mod
  • Installation is simple
  • Copy the SOUND folder to the root your NFSC Folder
  • replace files when asked.


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Uploaded at: December 27, 2023 @ 01:39