Porsche 911 Carrera (993) - ADDON by TiSonic

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Porsche 911 Carrera (993) - ADDON

Porsche 911 Carrera (993) [ADDON]
by Ti-Sonic
For NFS Underground 1

Model from NFS:NL/Payback/Forza Motorsport 4
Replaces : none
Unlimiter is recommended to enjoy the best experience.
Extra Customization Mod : Compatible
Everything apart Quarter decals, to a certain extent.
Features :
- Rim from NFS:Payback.
- Fixed performance.
- Car is now unlockable after the Event #35 of Underground Mode : "Earn your Stripes".

Changes since the last time this mod existed:
- Replacement version featured only stock headlights, since they were part of the car's body. They're now separate.
- Brakelights and headlights are now available in 4 versions each. Choose wisely.
- Previous version featured Exhausts from NFS:NL, they've now said goodbye to the usualy UG1 exhausts, not only for the base bumpers but also for the wide kits !
- Some parts that were only plastic (mostly on roofs,bumpers,wide kits) have been switched to carbonfiber.
- Vinyls on the car were somehow messed up, all parts that can be painted have received a new UV mapping. That counts wide kits too.
- Hoods have been edited, duplicates have been removed and/or turned to carbonfiber/debadged vaiants.
- The whole car got numerous improvements, from fixing normals to removing non-visible meshes on the car parts.
- Tires from NFSNL was used on the previous version, it has been now changed to a better one, along with a better texture. Wheel got resized too.
- Wide kits have been changed. RWB (S) is a "Smooth" version of that kit, while the "Full" one literally is the whole shebang, with some modifications here and there.
- Front/Rear window decals have been added and remapped.
- Side decals have been redone, and some materials have been fixed.

If you exhange your car in Underground mode to this one, it may display empty parts, that's simply because this mod features less parts than the vanilla cars.
Don't fret, you can still mod, all you have to do is change parts to the ones that mod contains.

How to Install or Uninstall the mod:
Run the "911 Carrera (993).end", then let the setup guide you.
It provides both install and uninstall options so you don't have to do much, apart choosing the options wisely.

MODPACKERS : Hands off. You have no permission to use that in your packs, unless you ask me before doing so.
Adding it first in your mod, and then asking me if you can add it into your modpack is also a no-go, you have been warned.
Don't be a fool, do things in the right order.


Thanks to :
- Tails, Rigel, BullShark and Eclipse72Rus for their previous help and for the resources on UG1 modding.
- DMN/GhostGames/Firemonkeys for the models and some textures.
- MaxHwoy for Binary.
- nfsu360 for his tools.
- Thanks to those who supported me and the modders who gave me tips and advices.

Mod tested on v1.4 of NFSU1.
Older game versions may or may not work.

Hope you'll enjoy the mod, and thanks for downloading it. !


BESsThePRO (March 02, 2024 @ 16:15)
@TiSonic : sorry.I would like to learn how to make my own cars((

TiSonic (February 26, 2024 @ 21:43)
@BESsThePRO : Not happening. Previous versions (which were replacements) of such mods are either outdated or deleted. Also, not important.

BESsThePRO (February 25, 2024 @ 18:20)
please do a video tutorial on how to add a new car to NFSU1, but only those that you previously did, not addons! it is important

Erce (January 18, 2024 @ 13:09)
Omg welcome back

Uploaded at: January 15, 2024 @ 02:48