Extended Stance by NFSLYY

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Extended Stance

Update 1.31:
Fixing issue for some car for using Unbound Remix data
Update 1.3:
Vol.7 support
hotfix for 5.24:
fixing the issue for Melissa's cars
Update 1.2:
Vehicles that previously could not have the stance enhancement, now can have the enhanced (such as the Audi RS 6)
Fixed an issue that Mazda RX-7 missing the Legends kit rear fender when you using this mod
add some update custom car due to first update log
*Hotfix for 24.4.17: fixed an issue for audi rs 6 have quality rating
Update 1.12:
Add sliders for BMW M4
2024/4/2: fix some issue for BMW M3 GTR
Update 1.1:
Compatible with Vol.6 Update (only for R8 and S5 Sportback, not for RS6 Avant due to the game crash)
*Hotfix for 24.3.2: fixing this mod being unbound remix add-on, and fix the '69 charger have two same slider
This extended stance mod gives you more stance tuning options to get your car's stance just right when you trying to make a build.
This mod based on vanilla game, If you are using Unbound Remix, the mod has included a compatible version of this mod, you can download Unbound Remix directly.

How the mod works:
  • Download the Frosty Mod Manager for NFS Unbound
  • Make sure this mod is the only stance mod being used
  • Go to Singleplayer mode, rebuy the car to make it work

Known Issues:
  • When you buy a new car it will look weird after purchase if it works with the stance mod. Ignore it as you can tune it out in stance tuning menu
  • Some options will not work immediately when changed, and you will need to re-enter the stance options to make it work.
  • Fenders will have some clipping. That's because height adjustment doesn't add camber when lowering the car. You need to use the camber sliders to fix the clipping which easily be tuned out in the stance tuning menu
  • All the template (Al Racer, Bodykit, etc) in the game will all have problems, this is inevitable, so if you are sensitive to this aspect, I do not recommend you to use this mod
  • UI will block some slider, but can't be fix at the moment


Antoninoturbo (January 22, 2024 @ 14:34)
is it compatible whit unbound remix? It jusst simply not show up and allk fo the cars got their fitment fucked up

Uploaded at: January 15, 2024 @ 14:41