Most Wanted-Styled 2015 HUD by Original by ARCHIE

Category: Interfaces | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Most Wanted-Styled 2015 HUD


Modified version of the NFS 2015 HUD found in Archie's Custom HUD, modified to better match the color scheme of Most Wanted.

Installation Instructions:

  • Install ARCHIE's Custom HUD, if you haven't already.

  • Extract the .zip file inside of your game's installation folder.

  • Enjoy :D

I take no credit for the assets used in this mod, they are only edits of Archie's original HUD.


BiggusWeeabus (February 06, 2024 @ 16:46)
I did check orange.ini, but I kinda thought it didn't really look orange enough tbh

Archie (February 04, 2024 @ 23:33)
Did you check orange.ini in scripts\CustomHUD\NFS15?

trojax (February 04, 2024 @ 03:20)
actually so cool, can't believe no one has thought of palette swapping huds

Uploaded at: February 03, 2024 @ 16:08