Customizable Wheel Spacing for Vanilla Cars by megus_vae

Category: Car Parts | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

Customizable Wheel Spacing for Vanilla Cars

This mod adds customizable front and rear wheel spacing for every tunable car, SUVs included.
Each side has 3 levels of spacers available, listed under Fenders and Quarter Panels in body customization.
Lvl 2 and 3 unlock with career progression.
Note: NFSU2 Unlimiter is required for this mod to function properly.

  • Install NFSU2 Unlimiter. This mod won’t work without it.
  • Extract the zip file and open “Main_Installer.end” with Binary.

  • If you chose “Replace it “ during installation regarding setting up “_General.ini”:
    • The mod should be ready to go!

  • If you chose “I’ll set it up myself “ during installation regarding setting up “_General.ini”:
    • Go to *game folder*\scripts\UnlimiterData and open “_General.ini”.
    • Under the section [BodyShop], set Fenders and Quarters to 1.
    • The mod should be ready to go!

  • If you have a mod that adds an Unlimiter entry for a vanilla car, check it’s entry to make sure it doesn’t set Fenders and Quarters back to 0.

This is not a complete list - just stuff I personally tested. If you find a mod that has some sort of incompatibility, please let me know!
Note: moses’ Saleen Conv, EXT Conv and UG1 Intro Eclipse will override xGMVx’s Stock Carbon Fibre Hoods for the respective cars (and vice-versa). I recommend you install SCFH first, moses’ mods second, and then restore the deleted CF Hoods manually.

  • Currently each spacer level unlocks automatically as you progress through career stages, instead of unlocking via race rewards or shop discoveries.
    • Nothing can be done with this for now, unless Unlimiter gets updated...?
  • Buying spacers might grant other random body parts.
    • This is caused by conflicting UpgradeGroupIDs, which allow spacers to gradually unlock, cost money and affect star rating.
    • The only solution for now would be to change UGIDs to stock values - but this would make spacers free, unlocked from beginning, and not affect star rating.

There is definitely some extra stuff I want to do in the future:
  • Add support for select addon cars
  • Fine-tune offsets for each car
  • Possibly fine-tune offsets for every wide bodykit (probably as a seperate mod)

If you want to read up on some technical info, check this PasteBin (I didn’t want to bloat this description more)

Please do not reupload this mod to other sites or file hosting services.
Feel free to include this mod in your modpacks or use it as a base for whatever you’re doing though - so long as you credit me.

Made with Binary 2.8.3
Special thanks to moses for helping me with vanishing quarter decals <3


Bamss (May 05, 2024 @ 06:01)
can you do more detail tutorial to setting for specific car? i don't really understand the readme tutorial

megusvae (April 07, 2024 @ 15:02)
@Fred I'm planning to add support for addon cars in a later date (i.e. when I stop being lazy)

Fred (February 25, 2024 @ 02:19)
Could you, in a possible update of the mod, add support for the fenders for the cars from the Olympic imports mod?

Uploaded at: February 18, 2024 @ 16:51