Visuals and Light Presets for CamToolkit by Greeny

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Unbound

Visuals and Light Presets for CamToolkit

This mod requires Cameras Toolkit by Archie

This bundle contains presets for Archie's Camera Toolkit mod, it adds different filters and times of day that you can switch between them with ease during gameplay (using camera toolkit).

The bundle contains 33 visual presets:
-Stylized visuals like cyberpunk, Spider-verse, synthwave, and more.
-Realistic visuals with realistic color grading and lighting.
-Visuals inspired by other games, like NFS 2015, Most Wanted 2005 and 2012, Burnout Paradise, GTA VI, and more.

It also contains 27 lights presets:
-Over 3000 individually placed lights around the map.
-The buildings in the downtown area are covered with neon lights (inspired by Heat and Underground).
-Realistic lighting at Kennedy race track.
-Studios for virtual photographers.
And more.

The presets can be used during gameplay, although you might encounter some visual artifacts inside tunnels, or the lights might flicker sometimes.

Please check the Read Me file for instructions.

Watch the trailer here

All the images are unedited.
Vulcan and M3 livery by surfywraps.

Update 1.1
- Added camera lens and DoF presets for photographers.


MusicByReon (June 09, 2024 @ 19:03)
Damn, i would love a tutorial video of how to use the camera toolkit properly to take those amazing pics! good job!

JREEL (May 30, 2024 @ 18:48)
I can only imagine the amount of time and effort that went into this entire project. Phenomenal quality.

ArthurLopes (May 30, 2024 @ 16:20)
the Undercover preset is peak holy hell

Ziimbiian (May 30, 2024 @ 15:10)
Christ almighty the Huayra picture, cannot believe this is Unbound....holy hell

NFSLYY (May 30, 2024 @ 15:08)
10/10 best mod ever

Uploaded at: May 30, 2024 @ 03:47