[MW12] Beta Map Mods and Open Areas by SwiftZC33S, Ponter, PolySoupList

Category: Maps/Tracks | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

[MW12] Beta Map Mods and Open Areas

[NFSMW12] Beta Map Mods and Open Areas
by SwiftZC33S, Ponter and PolySoupList

DOWNLOAD: https://drive.proton.me/urls/DWES8SJQH0#NeEJPBdXROoX

This map mod combines Open Alleyways & More (https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/3794) and Trees in Downtown Fairhaven (https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/4761) and adds:
- Extra open areas
- Police Station garage
- Beta: Cut alleyways in Downtown
- Beta: Three garages in McClane and Downtown
- Beta: Animated flags, some signs and water features
- Beta: Boat and cruise ships (static - can't animate them yet)
- Beta: Animated excavators in the McClane Construction Site

Only beta content that causes minimal interference with normal gameplay has been restored. Some things don't have collision, this is intentional.
We may add more stuff if time & motivation permits.

Beta content is taken mostly from Sven, FGH, HAWAII_MAIN_PC.

A Location Map is in the download link, showing open areas (red) and garages (green).

Copy all .BNDL files to the Need for Speed Most Wanted\HAWAII folder and overwrite.

Ponter - Open Alleyways + Police Station garage
PolySoupList - Downtown Trees + cut alleyways + cruise ships
DGIorio - Blender import/export tools. The only reason we're able to make these mods. (https://ko-fi.com/DGIorio)


SwiftZC33S (July 15, 2024 @ 01:13)
This mod has been tested by copying it over the top of original game files. My friends and myself have not found any problems.

If you have a pirated game, that may be the cause of crashes. Otherwise I don't know.

Nivedit9977 (July 14, 2024 @ 17:00)
Otherwise mod is excellent💯💯.

Nivedit9977 (July 14, 2024 @ 16:59)
Bro is there any mod that can maintain the game's stability because when ever I use mods my games stability gets affected.

Xl3bn1yM4n (July 12, 2024 @ 18:25)
Игра стала вылетать, вроде как только при резких поворотах, но всё равно очень приятно, а так мод очень классный, даёт возможность побаловаться с локациями.

The game began to crash, it seems like only with sharp turns, but it's still very nice, and since the mod is very cool, it gives you the opportunity to play around with locations.

Sem (July 12, 2024 @ 07:43)
I can't download this file please upload a G-Drive file

Uploaded at: July 08, 2024 @ 13:14