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NFSC Unlimiter

NFS Carbon - Unlimiter

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NFSC Unlimiter is a script mod which fixes some issues and makes some improvements for added cars.

NFSC Car Array Patch ( is an alternative of this, made by rx.
Don't use both mods at the same time. Only use the one which works better for you.

Important 2:
This mod doesn't add any customization features.
If you need them, check out NFSC Extended Customization by Archie (

+ Fixes visibility, missing parts, being unable to apply any vinyls and crash issues for added cars.
+ Fixes disappearing wheels issue.
+ Fixes secondary logo issue for cars without manufacturer logo.
+ Allows users to use more than 10 cars in traffic patterns.
+ Expands memory pools (unless ExpandMemoryPools.asi by Aero_ is present).
+ Fixes Turbo/Supercharger usage for cars (checks the SPOOL value, just like it should).
+ Removes 45 preset cars limit.
+ Fixes a crash when entering the rim paint menu when you have 40+ add-on cars.
+ Fixes missing objects for options and stuff in FNGs by cloning them.
+ Lets modders define custom destroyed bounty award messages for any cop car. (Fully configurable via ini file.)
+ Lets modders add up to 1000 names for random AI Opponents. (RACERNAME_000-999)

Also check out:
- NFSC Extended Customization by Archie:
- Mods with Unlimiter (v3+) / Extended Customization Support:

- Unlimiter Logo.png: You can add this logo on your mod preview to show that your mod requires Unlimiter to work properly.


! Before installation, make sure you're using v1.4 NFSC.exe (6,88 MB (7.217.152 bytes)).
If not, just search "NFS Carbon NO DVD Crack UNLEASHED" on Google, Bing or any search engine you like.

Now you can install the Unlimiter. Just follow these steps:

1) Open the archive you downloaded
2) Extract "scripts" folder and "dinput8.dll" into your NFSC Installation Folder.
3) (Optional) Edit the configuration files (NFSCUnlimiterSettings.ini, \UnlimiterData\*.ini) as you like.
4) Run the game!

!IMPORTANT: If your game is installed in a restricted directory (For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed Carbon), you have 4 options to make Unlimiter work properly:
1) Run your game as administrator.
2) Move your whole game installation to somewhere unrestricted. (Like, E:\Games\NFSC)
3) Take ownership of your game directory. (Check out: )
4) Copy the configuration (*.ini) files into the Virtual Store. (%LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed Carbon\scripts(\UnlimiterData))

Known Issues:

! ini files won't get read properly if the game is installed in a restricted directory. (Workaround: See the installation section, IMPORTANT note.)
! If you have 70+ parts in a category, new parts which fill the cloned FNG objects may not install by pressing Enter. (Workaround: Tap/click on the part name or the "Add to Cart" option from the underbar.)
! When the Rim Paint Fix is enabled, the game won't auto-scroll to the current color.

Changelog: (+ Addition, * Change, ! Attention, - Deletion)

v3.0.0.1337 (Build 3.0; Rev.00) :
+ Added a fix for rim paint crash when there are 40+ add-ons.
* Reworked Turbo/Supercharger fix, now it checks the SPOOL value, just like it should. (MW also checks for it.)
+ Added a configuration file to fix missing objects for options and stuff in FNGs by cloning them.
+ Added configuration file for cop destroyed bounty award strings.
* Number of AI Opponent names are now counted automatically.
* Changed default values for some options.
* Reorganized the code.

v2.2.0.1337 (Build 2.2; Rev.00) :
+ Removed preset cars limit.

v2.1.0.1337 (Build 2.1; Rev.00) :
* Fixed crash on Busted NISs.
+ Added an option to force AI opponents with add-on cars to use stock parts (to work around opponent cars with missing parts issue).

v2.0.0.1337 (Build 2; Rev.00) :
+ Added an option to fix damage parts for add-on cop cars.
+ Added an option to fix Turbo/Supercharger usage.
* Cars are now counted automatically.

v1.0.1.1337 (Build 1; Rev.01) :
* Fixed default values for Replacement Car and Traffic Car Count.
- Removed Online Login Crash Fix.
* Fixed memory leak.

v1.0.0.1337 (Build 1; Rev.00) :
+ Initial release.

Main Developer:
- nlgzrgn

- 379Felipe
- Archie
- David
- elaymm4
- GhostRider
- Neon
- MaxHwoy
- RedCarDriver
- trackmaniamatt

Thanks to:
- ArturoPlayerOne and 379Felipe for their successful attempts on adding cars.
- 379Felipe and Speedyheart for letting me know about the car limit in executable.
- 379Felipe, Archie, MrAdam and team (MaxHwoy, David, GhostRider) for testing v1 & v2.
- Aero_ and Berkay2578 for expanding memory pools.
- Hex-Rays for IDA PRO.
- Improvement Mod Team (379Felipe, GXP-10, Neon, RaTT, rx, SpeedyHeart and Xanvier) for testing v1 & v2 and their great help.
- rx for their really great help!
- EA Black Box for accidentally adding symbols into NFSC Wii build.
+ And the ones I forgot to list here. Sorry!

See ya!
©2022 nlgzrgn @ ExOpts Team - No rights reserved. ;)


Ryve (April 26, 2024 @ 13:10)
Not up-to-date and can crash your game if you have other mods. If you game crashes when buying/getting a car, leaving a dealership or a garage it's almost sure that it's because of NFSCU. I tried by myself and after removing it, the game isn't crashing anymore. It really needs an update.

ChenteXD0312 (February 14, 2024 @ 04:14)
please update this unlimiter it is becoming quite obsolete

RyanCooper75 (December 17, 2023 @ 16:59)
Please Unlimited V4

alexdivi96 (November 21, 2023 @ 10:03)
Please Unlimited V4

Zethras (January 04, 2023 @ 04:07)
It doesn't seem to work for me, or at least it doesn't properly remove the car limit. I installed a bunch of cars but I either crash before the game logo or upon pressing start. Am I doing something wrong?

Uploaded at: December 29, 2018 @ 16:47


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