NFS Widescreen GUI by korchestroy2418

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NFS Widescreen GUI


NFS Widescreen GUI

It is GUI configurator of ThirteenAG Widescreen fix scripts for
  • NFS Underground
  • NFS Ungerground 2
  • NFS Most Wanted
  • NFS Carbon

This tool enable you to configurate widescreen easily, without using Notepad.
Configuration of the script
  • Click Open game dir and select the game.
  • Choose the game in the table.
  • Set fields you are need.
  • Click accept
If you don't have installed widescreen fix, the tool will install it.
Also if you have installed fix before, but you haven't used the tool for the game you have chosen, it will change existed ini file for default. Next time it won't happen.

One more moment, if you have installed modupdater.asi, it will offer you to update widescreen fix. You should tick radiobutton "INI don't replace".


speedforneed (November 29, 2019 @ 23:53)
i dont need this but im glad to see this for people who may not know how to edit configs, good work

Forty (September 28, 2019 @ 22:22)
useful for beginnners

Uploaded at: September 25, 2019 @ 23:47