[NFS C] Extended Customization by Archie(AR4I)

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[NFS C] Extended Customization


NFS Carbon - Extended Customization

This mod's main goal is to make hardcoded stuff available to be customized.

- For all cars(ExtendedCustomization.ini)
+ ForceLodA - make all cars use LODA
+ FixExhaustFx - fixes autosculpt effects(fire) for all autosculpt rear bumpers

- For a specific car(file in ExtendedCustomizationCars folder)
+ PopUpHeadLights - defines if car has popup headlights or not, also you can make them customizable(new menu option in Aftermarket parts)
+ Roof - defines if car has sun roof or not, also you can make it customizable(menu option)
+ ChopTop - enables or disables Autosculpt Chop Top menu option
+ IneriorHI - add interior to Aftermarket parts menu
+ ForceLodA - make this car use LODA only(can be useful if modded car has no lod, so you can compile it using only lodA, it will make geometry.bin 4 time lighter)
+ FrontBadging - makes front badge customizable, adds it to Aftermarket parts menu
+ RearBadging - makes rear badge customizable, adds it to Aftermarket parts menu

Copy everything from "ExtendedCustomization" to your NFS Carbon game folder (you can skip dinput8.dll if you already have one)

How to use:
You can change general options in ExtendedCustomization.ini
To change car specific you need to create text file in ExtendedCustomizationCars folder, name it exactly as its named in CARS folder without extension(see EXAMPLECAR file for details)

Corrected folder name ExtendedCustomizationCars, please make sure you copied car files to a new folder if you had v1 installed

You are allowed to use this script as a part of your car mod(just leave a credit:) ), but I recommend to have link to this post so users will get latest updates.

Thanks to nlgzrgn, MrAdam, Felipe379 and all Extra Options team for help.
Made by Archie(AR4I)



AR4I (June 30, 2020 @ 17:25)
Some cars dont have this parts, so there is no point to enable this options for them

sohrab1379 (June 30, 2020 @ 16:57)
I got the point. I copied EXAMPLECAR file in the same folder in which it was located, and renamed it to MURCIELAGO. then I copied the contents of EXAMPLECAR and pasted it in MURCIELAGO file by using Notepad. But when I open the game and head to the customization section to buff the interior, roof and other new things you included in this mode, the headlights and the roof disappears. What should I do?

sohrab1379 (June 30, 2020 @ 16:49)
bro I copied the contents of this mode into the directory, but I see no changes. What's wrong?

AR4I (May 24, 2020 @ 14:54)
Infinite tuning sliders are already a part of this mod

Seban (May 24, 2020 @ 10:30)
NICE! Is possible to make an infinite Autosculpt slider MOD for ProStreet? And infinite tuning sliders?