[NFS C] Extended Customization by Archie

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[NFS C] Extended Customization


NFS Carbon - Extended Customization

GitHub link

This script adds more customization options for your car, including:
- Neons
- Front & Rear decals
- Tires
- Brakes & calipers
- Camber(now separate from ride height)
- Track width
- License plates
- Generic Vinyls
- Stock rims paint(only ones that use appropriate material)
- All vinyls are mirrorable
- New exhaust models(with correct nos effects)

Also car modders can use additional menu items for parts like:
- Front & Rear fenders
- Attachments
- Side mirrors
- Head & Brake lights
- Interior etc.

How to install:
1. Run Binary in User mode and select Install.end.
2. Install Cameras.nfsms via VLTed.
3. Create a new Save Game.

You are allowed to use this script as a part of your car mod(just leave a credit), but I recommend to have link to this post so users will get latest updates.
Do NOT reupload to any site without my permission.
For any questions and details on how to use - join my Discord server.

Thanks to nlgzrgn, rx, MrAdam, Felipe379 and all Extra Options team for help.
Made by Archie


Change log:
Fixed crash in career mode when entering Aftermarket menu
Fixed redundant exhaust fx when bodykit is applied
Moved aftermarket rims to separate section in customization menu(thanks to rx for making it possible)
Changed neon blending method to addative(thanks to _Aero)
Added new tire textures
Added "None" option for license plates
Added tire width
Added "MainGarage" switch to main ini file, allows to pick interior for main menu
Bots now use more parts


hypeeerspeed (April 02, 2022 @ 21:04)
Hi i would like to report a bug with the .asi of EC 2.0.2,when switched to hood cam the cop lights disappear.Is there any solution to this?

Dandi (March 05, 2022 @ 08:30)
How i can install this without make boss and crew lose their door and body

BraveFox0950 (February 04, 2022 @ 00:09)
Best Mode Ever Please Add NFS U2 Features like Doors Tunk And more!

shisvi (January 08, 2022 @ 08:10)
hey loving ur mod. explain pls why i cant use carshadowfix in widescreenfix with ur mod? not digging my car being completely blacked out.

MrEmu (October 24, 2021 @ 02:28)
Hi Archie! You planning add headlight color change? (Sorry for grammar error i from Russia)

Uploaded at: May 22, 2020 @ 19:03


5b7054-[NFSC]ExtendedCustomization_2.0.2.rar (Size: 2.81MB) Latest Version
59295b-[NFSC]ExtendedCustomization_2.0.1.rar (Size: 2.62MB) Old Version
c9c7d8-[NFSC]ExtendedCustomization_2.0.rar (Size: 2.62MB) Old Version