[NFSC] Extended Customization by ARCHIE

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[NFSC] Extended Customization


NFS Carbon - Extended Customization

This mod aims to improve game's customization by providing more options and new ways to combine

- Neons
- Stance (including camber, track width and tire width)
- Animations
- Brakes & calipers
- License plates (now you can change text!)
- Generic Vinyls
- Rear wheels support
- More paints (wheels anr rims, calipers, hood and spoiler)
- All vinyls are mirrorable
- Decals are now properly mirrored
- Vinyls now move smother
- New exhaust models(with correct nos effects)
- Exhausts now shake in race mode
- Separate exhaust effect for NOS
- Brake disc glow
- Brakelight glow
- Wide body specific parts

1. Install NFSC Unlimiter.
2. Run Binary in User mode and select install.end.
3. Import install.nfsms ModScript via VLTed.
4. Create a new Save Game.

If you'r game crashes when entering wheels menu, then you need to install the LATEST version of NFSC Unlimiter.

You are NOT allowed to distribute or reupload this mod.

For any questions and details on how to use - join my Discord server.

Thanks to nlgxzef, rx, MaxHwoy and Tekizyte for help.

Made by ARCHIE

Update 3.0.2:
- Fixed wheel "shine" when stretched.
- Updated fix for caliper lighting.
- Added dual color neons.
- Custom brakes will now scale according to wheel radius.
- Added brightness slider for neons.
- Bots will now use more random parts.
- Added exhaust smoke effect.

Update 3.0.1:
- Fixed stock rims paint.
- Adjuisted ride height feature, now limit is removed only when bodykits has attribute.
- Reverted generic vinyls format.


Archie (November 11, 2023 @ 09:43)
Do you have unlimiter installed?

RyanCooper75 (November 11, 2023 @ 07:53)
game is crashed when i would like replace front and rear wheels, dont replaced tires, rotors very big on cars

RyanCooper75 (November 11, 2023 @ 05:54)
Script install.end has been applied, however, 1 errors hav been detected. Check EndError.log for more information

safdasg (November 01, 2023 @ 13:26)
Instructions unclear, no install end in binary, plus it is a virus, fail.

DumiMR2 (October 25, 2023 @ 02:44)
It keeps saying "Error: Endscript version 2.9.0 is higher than executable" on Binary and I have no idea what that means tbh

Uploaded at: May 22, 2020 @ 19:03


643896-[NFSC]ExtendedCustomization_3.0.2.zip (Size: 9.25MB) Latest Version
3f151d-[NFSC]ExtendedCustomization_3.0.2.rar (Size: 6.74MB) Old Version
e9fd5b-[NFSC]ExtendedCustomization_3.0.1.rar (Size: 6.74MB) Old Version