[NFSC] Extended Customization by ARCHIE

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[NFSC] Extended Customization


NFS Carbon - Extended Customization


1. Install NFSC Unlimiter.
2. Run Binary in User mode and select install.end.
3. Import install.nfsms ModScript via OGVI.
4. Create a new Save Game.

If you'r game crashes when entering wheels menu, then you need to install the LATEST version of NFSC Unlimiter.

You are NOT allowed to distribute or reupload this mod.

For any questions and details on how to use - join my Discord server.

Thanks to nlgxzef, rx, MaxHwoy and Tekizyte for help.

Made by ARCHIE

Update 4.0.1:
- Fixed black parts when rain effect applied.
- Fixed vinyl brightness.
- Fixed several crashes.

Update 4.0.0:
- Added new car shaders.
- Added car rain drop effect.
- Improved car normal maps.
- Vinyls can now be applied on top of carbon.
- FIxed issue with ONF not being turned OFF for brake glass.
- Light trails can now be enabled for player only.
- Removed sahdow shift.

Update 3.3.3:
- Added brakelight trail support.
- Replaced exhaust nos and shift effects so when colored neon is disabled, the color of exhaust fx is orange.
- Reworked lights and engine hotkeys.
- Added shadow shift effect.

Update 3.3.2:
- Fixed exhaust fx that could come from the center of the car.
- License plate marker can now be added to trunk.
- When installing new part attachments refresh.

Update 3.3.1:
- Fixed install by kit special cases.

Update 3.3.0:
- Fixed vanilla wheels materials (now chrome is going to look like chrome when not painted).
- Added left and right tires so tread is facing proper direction.
- Added custom texture load via TEXTURE_NAME attribute to attachments.
- Added new tire brands.
- Added prices to decals
- Neon now pulses slower when in speed breaker.
- Updated license plates, made them darker so they are not overbright.
- Adjusted tire material so they are not overbright in races.

Update 3.2.0:
- Added support for old Enabled property in config file.
- Bots will now use car specific generic vinyls rarer.
- Added fix for replacement texture tables, should help with races that have 20+ opponents.
- Added new black decals.
- Updated carbonfiber texture.
- Added support for custom texture loading.
- Parts can now be converted to carbon by attribute.
- Parts can now define is they need carbon switch.
- Fixed Limit Adjuster compatibility issue.

Update 3.1.0:
- Updated rotor glow texture.
- Added emissive textures.
- Changed light generic textures back to vanilla style.
- Added headlights flare color.
- Added damage texture support for lights.
- Added window damage stages.
- Attachments are now animated with target part.
- Added enable light flares hot key for frontend.

Update 3.0.2:
- Fixed wheel "shine" when stretched.
- Updated fix for caliper lighting.
- Added dual color neons.
- Custom brakes will now scale according to wheel radius.
- Added brightness slider for neons.
- Bots will now use more random parts.
- Added exhaust smoke effect.

Update 3.0.1:
- Fixed stock rims paint.
- Adjuisted ride height feature, now limit is removed only when bodykits has attribute.
- Reverted generic vinyls format.


ImJustAWanderer (May 27, 2024 @ 10:13)
Deym looks like I have to install my game again, but let's do it anyway. TYSM~

Levar (May 19, 2024 @ 18:12)
hey Archie! ive been trynna instal this mod for the 3rd day now while constantly re-installing the game

ive followed everything said in the read-me, however the same problem keeps popping up.

'Error has occured -> File: main.en, Line:2
Command: [version2.8.3 is higher than executable''

do u know what this means or what i should do with this info?..

(this message appeared using Binary)

the game stilll runs but with nothing added to the customisations

thankyou for ur attention and ur time.

TallSolder2002 (May 02, 2024 @ 05:51)
Hi, please I need your help. When I was starting the game start, I can’t see your mod “Extended Customisation” I downloaded the ‘24 Redux Ver including the feature you made. I tried to open OGVI 1.3 but not happened. Can you fix it out, that would help us. Thank you.

xbari24 (April 21, 2024 @ 21:41)
HEY Archie! Can you help me with adding the mod to the game files? I downloaded everything from the description. (Unlimiter, Binary, OGVI) But the OGVI wont open for me, and it shows an error massage that i cant understand. Can you help me with this? For example can you make me a video or thru teamviewer ? Thank u for reaching out for me:)

Camilo (March 10, 2024 @ 22:54)
Bro como ago para desbloquear los todos los parachoques del gtr 34 los mejores están con candado los velsyde

Uploaded at: May 22, 2020 @ 19:03


27ad5d-[NFSC]ExtendedCustomization_4.0.1.zip (Size: 15.11MB) Latest Version
ec4b62-[NFSC]ExtendedCustomization_4.0.0.zip (Size: 15.11MB) Old Version
fa0693-[NFSC]ExtendedCustomization_3.3.3.zip (Size: 16.27MB) Old Version