Revamped Pursuits (World) by Splash45 & Mefius

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Revamped Pursuits (World)

As usual, this mod aims to improve the Pursuits in-game vastly on both Pursuit Outrun and Team Escape events. They are far more difficult to deal with than my previous works due to the existence of Powerups and Skill upgrades in-game, so keep that in mind. Choose them wisely before initiating those events and make sure to use your powerups efficiently if possible during pursuits. Credits goes to Mefius for his original work in improving the pursuits, I made a lot of additional enhancements here to amp up the difficulty and engagements. If you wish to experience a less challenging pursuit mod, feel free to install his Improved Pursuits mod instead.

I recommend backing up the files commerce.bin, FE_ATTRIB.bin, & attribute.bin from the GLOBAL folder just in case

- This mod is only meant to be used on an offline server. I will NOT be responsible if your online account gets suspended.
- Requires 379Felipe's Open Races in order to add AI vehicles in Team Escape Events.
- So far no free roam pursuits featured, not sure if it's implementable since it only exists from older versions of World.

- Aggressive cops even in lower heat levels
- Roadblocks as early as Heat level 1. Same goes with spikes at Heat level 3
- Heavier patrol cars to deal with even with weight-related skills installed (Mefius)
- Plentiful Rhinos ready to claim your head starting at Heat level 2
- Restored GTO units (Mefius)
- Improved performance of Patrol units (Mefius)
- Bustspeed adjusted for better balance during pursuits.
- Faster catch-up of units when they fall behind
& many more!

Heat Levels: (Pursuit Outrun)
1: SRT8 Cruisers
2: Undercover SRT8 Cruisers & Light SUV Rhinos.
3: GTO Cruisers, Muscle Cruisers & Light SUV Rhinos.
4: Undercover GTOs, Undercover Muscle cruisers, & Heavy SUV Rhinos.
5: Federal Cruisers, Federal Undercover Cruisers & Heavy SUV Rhinos.

Team Escape:
High Stakes and Underground : Federal Cruisers, Federal Undercover Cruisers & Heavy SUV Rhinos.
Home Run and Compromised: GTO Cruisers, Muscle Cruisers & SUV Rhinos.
Late Departure and Most Wanted: GTO Cruisers, Muscle Cruisers & Federal Cruisers
Outlaws: SRT8 Cruisers
All In: Undercover SRT8 Cruisers & Light SUV Rhinos.

Vlted 4.6 is required for installing the mod.

- None

- Initial Release


Mefius as mentioned above.
nfsu360 for Vlted
FreeRoam SparkServer (FRSS) for the difficulty inspiration.
Keule306, berkay2578 for the Offline-Server v1.9.3


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Uploaded at: July 26, 2020 @ 17:44