Porsche Boxster S (ADDON) (OUTDATED) by WF4123, AJ_Lethal

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Porsche Boxster S (ADDON) (OUTDATED)

Don't download this mod, because it's outdated and broken. Download this: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/3817


Porsche Boxster S (986)
by AJ_Lethal, converted by WF4123 (Me).
Converted from Forza Motorsport 3.
Version 1.0.1 (Hotfix Update)


Can be customized with: Body kits, Hood (with roof combo), Wheels, Spoilers, Vinyls (x512 and x1024), Licence Plates (Unlimiter V3 only).

Other Features: Custom Driver (Werewolf Girl, (must be coming soon with new drivers on next update (unlimiter v3 only)), Performances (copied and edited from clio).
Stock Colors (White as Ed, Red as Binary)


1. Run Vlt-Ed as Admin.
2. Click, File, and Import as modscript.
3. Find boxstersinstall.nfsms in this mod directory.
4. Click Install button. (Note, if you choosed vinyl resolution.)
5. Close Vlt-Ed.

Binary Method:

1. Run Binary as Admin.
2. Click User Mode Button.
3. Find boxsterinstall.end in Binary Install Folder.
4. And install it.
5. Done and close it.

Ed Method:

1. Copy of these folders from your Ed folder.
2. Run Ed as Admin.
3. Search NFSMW directory on your pc.
4. Install it.
5. Save and unlock memory files.
6. Close Ed.

Supported Mods

Unlimiter v2 if you installed mod with Ed or Binary
Unlimiter v3 if you installed mod with Binary (not supported with Ed)

Not Supported Mods

Mod Loader (because you installed unlimiter)
If you like to replace CLIO with Mod Loader and not using Unlimiter, Link: https://www.nfsaddons.com/downloads/nfsmw/cars/porsche/2740/porsche-porsche-boxster-s-986.html


1.0.1 (Hotfix Update): fixed the issues that the car engine sounds are disappeared.

Tool Used

Binary 2.4.0 (by Maxhwoy)
NFSMW Unlimiter and Ed the Car Dealer (by nlgzrgn)
NFSMW Recompiler (by MWInside)
TexEd (by nfsu360)
VLT-Ed (by nfsu360)
Ant Renamer (by Antp.be)


MaxHwoy - Binary
AJ_Lethal - That literally car for Mod Loader
nlgzrgn - 512 & 1024x Vinyls, Ed the Car Dealer and Unlimter (v2 and v3)
MWInside - That tool
WF4123 (Me) - Converting mod loader car to addon


[Deleted Account] (February 12, 2024 @ 10:31)
your mods fucking sucks! suck my dick motherfucker!!

wavecq (March 23, 2022 @ 15:28)
Hello, Im having a problem with this car. If I install any engine upgrades the car doesnt make a sound while racing, only a very faint whine. I reinstalled my game a few times to make sure, and Im installing the car via Binary. I tried installing the old verions up to the most recent one but still no sound.

WF4123 (December 30, 2021 @ 07:57)

Kasumi (December 30, 2021 @ 06:09)
I reinstalled the game, now car works, but engine sound disappears after race start. Your installer has:

update_field pvehicle boxsters engineaudio[0] Collection por_991
update_field pvehicle boxsters engineaudio[1] Collection por_911_b
update_field pvehicle boxsters engineaudio[2] Collection por_911_a

Game doesn't have Porsche 991 sounds, only 911 or 996, so I changed "engineaudio[0]" with VltEd from 991 to 996, now it works! You need to include the 991 sound with mod or change 991 to 996 in installer.

WF4123 (December 10, 2021 @ 07:14)
@Kasumi Well, it's fine. However we knew, not to forget to install less more mods that we could. It's serious.

Uploaded at: January 04, 2021 @ 13:07