Real Car Logos for Carbon (Vanilla & CBR) by Laur1sXd

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Real Car Logos for Carbon (Vanilla & CBR)

Hello everybody!

So, I decided to upgrade all Car Logos that are in Vanilla Carbon and Carbon: Battle Royale to Real ones cuz i was bored :D
Also that You don't have to! ;)

And I'm happy to say that I finally did it, so there it is!

> Initial release for Carbon: Battle Royale. Few changes made to first 10 Manufacturer and few Secondary logos, so they look more beautiful and authentic.

> Added installation for Vanilla version of Carbon.

> Fixed small detail in original Pontiac logo for Vanilla Carbon.

> Updated Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Nissan, Shelby, Shelby Concept logos;
> 350Z, Skyline GT-R secondary logos has better look too;
> Corrected offset of Murcielago LP640 secondary logo;
> More detailed PPD logo;
> Clio V6 now uses right secondary logo;
> Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren now uses both right logos;
> Fixed right font for Alfa Brera secondary logo.
(I'm very thankful to Ariso of reporting to me, what i need to improve/change of the logos <3)

> Change font color from black to white in Aston Martin logo.

> Koenigsegg and Pontiac logos are updated to better ones.

> Acura NSX secondary logo in CBR version is bigger.

> McLaren (For CBR) and Pagani logos has been redone.

V3.0 (BIG UPDATE for my mod)
> Almost ALL Secondary Logos for both versions are upgraded to Real ones! Some of them not 100% accurate so sorry for that :(

> Corrected placement of 918 Spyder logo (CBR);

> Updated Lexus manufacturer logo to Real (Bcs forgot to do it :D).
> Updated Download Link!

> Updated description of mod.

> Firetruck logo looks more detailed.
> And it's my FINAL update of this mod, so that means that no updates will be in future (maybe people will suggest something to update) but for now, that's it!

Make sure you have installed:
1. Need For Speed Carbon Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAG;
2. NFSC HD Content Support by Aero;
3. Remastered UI by BadassBaboon.
For mod to work properly!

  • Open Binary (Latest version);
  • Press on User mode;
  • Then search and click on HD Logos.end;
  • Look for your Carbon game directory and press Ok;
  • Select what game version you have installed (Vanilla or CBR);
  • Select "Install";
  • Select one of 2 versions (x256 | x512 or x512 | x1024);
  • Then press "Ok" and Save files;
  • That's it! Enjoy your Real Car Logos!

  • Open Binary (Latest version);
  • Press on User mode;
  • Then search and click on HD Logos.end;
  • Look for your Carbon game directory and press Ok;
  • Select what game version you have installed (Vanilla or CBR);
  • Select "Uninstall";
  • Then press "Ok" and Save files;
  • That's it! You're back to the original game logos!

You can reinstall mod without errors when it's updated and if you want to use it in your repack/modpack, edit this mod or showcase in Youtube videos, you are free to use it!
(If you want, you can also put me in the credits. I'll be really thankful! <3 )

Credits to:
CBR Team - for making awesome Carbon: Battle Royale Mod!
MaxHwoy - for creating Binary!
Reameb - for helping me understand how to use it, thx for that!
NİKİ - for making thumbnail and images of the mod!


x256 | x512

x512 | x1024


Draxin (August 05, 2022 @ 15:10)
@Laur1sXd I was aware that you could import some of these textures into MW, I know how to with TexEd but from what I understand using Binary is better in general to do that. Only problem is, I don't know how to do that in Binary, lol.

Laur1sXd (July 28, 2022 @ 14:35)
@Draxin But only some of the logos from this mod are in MW '05, it's just a reminder

Laur1sXd (July 28, 2022 @ 09:42)
@Draxin You can use this mod for MW '05 too, just use binary modder mode to install those logos. If you know you how, then great!

Draxin (July 27, 2022 @ 13:19)
I'd kill to have this mod for MW 05'.

Laur1sXd (May 30, 2022 @ 18:45)
Guys! Tell me your suggestions what logos should i update/upgrade in my mod. Love you <3


Uploaded at: April 08, 2022 @ 12:44


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aa8128-Download Link.rar (Size: 147 bytes) Old Version
d224f6-Download Link.rar (Size: 147 bytes) Old Version