Honda S2000 AP 1 [Extended Customization] by EQUINOX

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Honda S2000 AP 1 [Extended Customization]

DISCLAIMER !EC V3 currently are not supported. i aint got the time to update it to v3 just yet because of college and other issue. Ill fix it as soon as possible, but untill then. Please use v2 instead of v3. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
NOTE : Ill never able to make Hotfixes anymore due to it being Time consuming and Quite annoying to do. Ill post next Bug/Glitch Fixes on the Next Update Instead. For you that Already download the Mod Before and want to update it, you Can go to PATCH NOTES section Down Bellow download the Update and install it, or just download the new Version and let the mod Overide the old one and Make Sure you have the Correct NCA Version otherwise. there will be some missing Strings - NORU
[Honda] S2000 AP1 for Need For Speed Carbon

This is an ADDON ! so, dont worry to get any of your Favorite Boat got replaced.

Tool Required :

Dependencies :

  • (Optional) Back up your game First just incase this mod have incompability with other pre-installed mod
    but, if you choose not to. its your Funeral.
  • Extract Both NCA and S2000 Rar File
  • Open NCA folder and Install "INSTALL meh.end" and the "Camera.nfsms" using Binary as a User
  • After NCA Finish Installing, go to S2000 Folder and Install the S2000.nfsms First using NFS-VLted.
  • Once the nfsms instalation done, you can go Install INSTALL.end from Extra Parts folder using Binary.
  • have fun !

You are NOT allowed to distribute or reupload this mod.

PSA ! This mod is my first one, so please go Eazy on me. if you Find any Bug/glitch, Please Submit it on Our Discord Server Complete with Screenshots and How to Replicate the Glitch.

Known Issue :
  • *Potential* Performance Issues, causes by mid-high Poly Count.

Preview model

- Preview done by NoXu

Ver B-4.2 Req NCA 2.0 above Download the Fix Here
[*] Fixed Missing Brakelights Marker
[*] Fixed Missing Driver

Ver B-4.1 Req NCA 2.0 above
[*] Fixed Missing KITS
[*] Turned off the Normals for Newly Textured Removed parts.

Ver B-4.0 Req NCA 2.0 above
  • + Added Option to Remove Headlight/Brakelight Glass, and Several Covered w/Oil Cooler Headlight Glass Style.
  • + Fully Reworked Interior Model.
  • + Added Candy 2F2F Tsuki Interior
  • + Added Aftermarket Sidemirrors.
  • + Added Colored Crashbars.
  • + Several New Ap2 Brakelights and Skyline Brakelights
  • + Option to Remove Fenders, Hood, and Bumpers.
  • + Engine Swaps !
  • + Duck Tails are moved into Trunks Category, allowing you to put any Spoiler w/ any Ducktail.
  • + Several new Splitters
  • + Added Oem Tuned Interior Kits
  • + Added Several new Roll Cage Variants and the Half Cage
  • + New Seats
  • + Bodykits Converted Front Bumper.
  • > Replaced Removed Parts Texture.

> Fixes ━━━━━━━━━
[*] Perfected the Uv.
[*] Renewed Car Importion Methods making it Flawless than ever !
[*] Several Missing Strings.

PS : I Remove Alot of the old Content because of Fitment issues. Dont worry, ill some new one after i perfected my Modeling skills. so, stay tuned

Ver B-3.4.0 Req NCA 1.0.6 - 1.1.0 above
  • + Option to Swap The Engine. this is ofc just for Visual, doesnt change the engine audio. However, I might able to make it possible to have diffrent Sound if i Finish my Programming Lessons.
  • + 2 New Voltex Front Fenders
  • + 1 New Sideskirts
  • + Rear Bumper Attached Rear Fender. To Use it properly, Remove the Rear Bumper and pick the Rear Fender that has the Bumper Attached to.
  • + Option to Remove Rear Bumper
  • + Trunk Under Model to be Associated with Removed Rear Parts

  • > Replaced Rear Voltex Fender with New Fitted Model.
  • > Replaced Removed Fender with a new Refined Model, Some Part of it is still See Trough, and i might going to Fix it again in the Future.

> Fixes ━━━━━━━━━
[*] Again.. The UV Map of Body Parts, Its still not a Hundred 100% Perfect. but i can assure you its much much better than last time
[*] Fixed the window UV. Front, Rear, and Side
[*] Several Missing Strings
[*] Making .nfsms File More Absolute

ARCHIE - For helping me Figuring out how to do EC
Fridge and Tekizyte - For... idk, Just Start Modding, Modeling and... Use of Blender In General. its quite a Journey, but you guys really help a lot. even though... im still shit at it. XD
Airoz, The Raid and Shapeshifter- For Testing the Mod and making sure Everything works as intended
and a Bald man From Discord that Linked me to the S2k Model that i use.


Pluvillion (January 27, 2023 @ 08:10)
That's odd - while I'm able to customize the car with no problems (those parts tho goddamn), attempting to start a race with it crashes the game. Old save and a new save file, but nothing works. I tried reinstalling it in case I forgot to do one step, but VLT-Ed only gave me errors stating I already installed the .nfsms script. What went wrong here?

JouleJR (January 04, 2023 @ 10:27)
minor issue, missing driver

jogador1000 (December 02, 2022 @ 23:23)
Works great!
The only issue is the missing light trail on the left tail light

Lester (May 29, 2022 @ 12:46)
also sorry for my bad english :(

Lester (May 29, 2022 @ 12:45)
your first mod and its as amazing as this? :0 bro i can i request a car plz? also thx alot for this mod. i was looking for a proper S2k mod for a long time :D


Uploaded at: April 20, 2022 @ 13:25


13960d-HONDA - S2000 AP1 (Ver.B-4.2).zip (Size: 35.21MB) Latest Version
19de6a-HONDA - S2000 AP1 (Ver.B-4.1).zip (Size: 35.1MB) Old Version
4aa128-HONDA - S2000 AP1 (Ver.B-4.0).zip (Size: 33.31MB) Old Version