[NFS: C] Toyota GR Yaris (GXPA16) by AIMGEE R, Vee-Tec & RisaDriftR

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[NFS: C] Toyota GR Yaris (GXPA16)

Born From WRC

There is one thing that Toyota Gazoo Racing believes the most: Roads build people, and people build cars. It is certain that only from the most extreme, harsh, and challenging circumstances, the full potential of a car will appear.

That is why, Toyota Gazoo Racing’s finest creation, the GR Yaris, was born from the most strenuous, savage, and demanding motorsport: The World Rally Championship (WRC).

The GR Yaris was developed through a collaboration between Toyota Gazoo Racing and one of the most successful WRC drivers of all time, Tommi Mäkinen. It is a sporty hatchback that is equipped with a high-performance engine specifically made for racing, but versatile enough to perform on an ordinary road.

That is why the GR Yaris was destined for only one thing: Winning. It consecutively won the WRC Manufacturers’ Championship in 2018 and WRC Drivers’ Championship in 2019.

Now, it is time for you. For you who want to feel the excitement. The excitement of leading, of dominating. The excitement to be superior, to be the winner. Unleash it all with the GR Yaris.

  • Bodykits: Stock + 3 Bodykit
  • Spoilers: Vanilla + 5 New custom spoiler (2 Autosculpt spoiler)
  • Hoods: Vanilla + 2 New custom hood
  • Rims: All Vanilla Rims
  • Interiors: Stock + 2 New Interior
  • Roofs: Stock
  • Brakelights: Stock + 4 New custom brakelight
  • Headlights: Stock + 1 New custom headlight
  • Mirrors: Stock 1 New custom mirror
  • Roof Scoops: All Vanilla Roof Scoops
  • Brakes: Stock + Extended Customization's brakes
  • License Plate: Stock + Extended Customization's license plate
  • Driver Seat: Stock + 10 NFS: Pro Street seat
  • Passenger Seat: Stock + 10 NFS: Pro Street seat
  • Custom Banner: HKS Racing Performer Banner

You have to install these mod first before installing the car

[NFS: C] Unlimiter
Download Here

[NFS: C] Extended Customization
Download Here


  • Open your Binary & select "User Mode"
  • Choose "Binary Data Install.end"
  • Select your NFS Carbon folder
  • Save it, but don't run the game yet
  • Open your Vlt-Ed and then import the "VLT Data Install.nfsms"
  • Press install then save it
  • Open the game & make a new save

  • MaxHwoy: Binary
  • nlgxzef: Carbon Unlimiter
  • ARCHIE: Carbon Extended Customization
  • Fridge: Animated texture guide
  • Thunderdrift: Stock interior model
  • ACMP: GReddy gauge
  • Vicius: Custom braeklight idea
  • AIMGEE R: Testing stuffs
  • RisaDriftR: Testing stuffs
  • nfsu360: VLT-Ed & CarToolKit

    *This mod isn't perfect and may have some imperfections here & there.
    **DM Vee#0875 if you want to add this car to your modpack


J4M3SXX019 (September 01, 2022 @ 01:55)
hi veetec i just want to ask would it be possible to port this car to nfsmw 2005 if so that would be awesome only this car looks dope with the extra customization

TheDarkFox (August 03, 2022 @ 19:51)
Does it replace any vanilla/original car from the game?

VeeTec (June 01, 2022 @ 15:33)
@Antoninoturbo Sorry.. My bad habit lmao

Antoninoturbo (June 01, 2022 @ 13:39)
Small problem, the txt whit the download is empty

WF4123 (June 01, 2022 @ 12:10)
Excellent job.


Uploaded at: May 31, 2022 @ 17:16