[NFS:MW] Mazda RX-7 - Extended Customization by Saint Raid, Tekizyte

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

[NFS:MW] Mazda RX-7 - Extended Customization

!!! HOTFIXES !!!

If you encountered some of the bugs below, it's fixed already, re-install the mod with new files

- Fixed Veilside (KIT01) materials
- Changed vinyl installation method to Synchronize, in order to not to brake the older vinyl mods installed


Added stock spoiler
Added Genki 7 bodykit, hood, headlights and taillights
Added G-Face TCP 1.0, Re-Amemiya GT300, OriginLab 2 bodykits
Added decals, paintable with window tint colors
Added front and rear window decals
Added Mad Mike spoiler, trunk and interior
Added Sleepy Non-LED headlights
Added vanilla vinyl support
Added Mad Mike, Raiden Shogun, Aki Kimura, Dominic Toretto liveries in Custom vinyl section

Moved Roofs into Attachment 2 section due to window decals incompatability
Changed it Wheel Offsets for all bodykits
Sorted carbonfiber and tinted part placement in customization menu
New Rocket Bunny bodykit
New Mad Mike hood

Resolved issue with Bodykit 13 and Bodykit 14 polygon count
Taillights now renders with the brakelights at any circumstances (also in Frontend)
Removed old taillight glow effect from driver model, which caused weird rendering issues

Added proper naming for bodykits
Attempt to add proper naming for spoilers
Changed Binary string installing method in order not to confuse the user with errors :)


This mod is an reconversion of Tekizyte's RX-7 - Extended Customization for Need For Speed Most Wanted. Replaces the original RX7 with a considerable amount of customization options.

Before installing the mod, make sure you have:

The mod features:
  • 22 bodykits (includes 2 variations of Veilside Fortune 4 - Tinted and Painted)
  • 11 spoilers (+Carbonfibre)
  • 9 hoods (+Carbonfibre and both variations for Veilside Fortune - Tinted and Painted)
  • 4 interiors
  • 7 headlight types (+Carbonfibre and both variations for Veilside Fortune - Tinted and Painted)
  • Brakelights - Carbonfibre, tinted, painted stock, Veilside Fortune and Genki 7
  • 4 side mirrors (+Carbonfibre)
  • 5 roofs (+Carbonfibre and Tinted)
  • 4 trunks (+Carbonfibre, Removed and more)
  • Tintable hood and rear stickers
  • Some custom vinyls


Special Kudos:
Tekizyte - Port permission! Original mod creator, check it out!
Terminator_Vasya - Explaining extended customization diffirences between two games
Airoz - Custom vinyls
Prestige Mods community - Screenshots

princess peepo panties

Graphical overhaul/Mods used in screenshots:
Plak Graphics - Designer Edition
Need For Speed: Raidmod Remix (mod WIP)
Retouch Graphics v9.1 / Reshade


You are allowed to use the mod in your modpacks, just put Saint Raid and Tekizyte down in credits.
You are NOT allowed to reupload the model without a permission.

Have fun!


Sonic49PH (April 01, 2023 @ 05:37)
I found an issue on some bodykits of this mod. The vinyls are messed up when used on some of the bodykits . It seems the UV maps are messed up.

tashrif46 (February 27, 2023 @ 12:12)
That will be great.

SaintRaid (February 26, 2023 @ 22:20)
If i could have Archie's approval, maybe...

tashrif46 (February 26, 2023 @ 22:19)
Thank you very much for the response. Will you be able to convert the Nissan Skyline R34 by Archie for NFS Carbon to Most Wanted? That would be incredible, especially with the extended customization and the 2F2F vinyl.

SaintRaid (February 25, 2023 @ 11:24)
Facundo00, I'll look into that.

SR104, Sadly, original body and wheels belongs to 1992 FD3S, while my mod is based on 2002 Spirit R version, they will be simply incompatible.

tashrif46, Install only ones, which are provided in the first folder: VltEd.nfsms and Binary.end.