Custom Anime-Styled Vinyls by Frexellia

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Custom Anime-Styled Vinyls


Same thing as my Custom Anime-Styled Wraps mod but this time it's for mw and car-specific with colorable body paint
Recompiled Vinyls are required for this mod

In-game full car body preview

Update 2.0:
- Binary installation
- Proper menu support (requires Unlimiter 4.0 and above)
- 12 new vinyls
- Redone RX8 vinyl
- Reduced visibility of all non-mask layers by 50% to prevent pixelated artifacts (alpha channel are still messy but not an issue in-game)

The installer/uninstaller process will take at least an hour (maybe less for ssd users) so don't close Binary until the process is complete, otherwise you'll end up with a corrupted vinyls

Character Arts by:
  • Batm Andrew
  • Cluseller
  • imaginationclash
  • ebiblue
  • Koyorin
  • nyantcha
  • Team.ACHV
  • Sliter
  • St41Nn
  • Yugo
  • 魔法書夫人
Tools Used:
  • Binary (MaxHwoy)
  • Notepad++ (Don Ho)
  • blender (Ton Roosendaal)
  • Photoshop (Adobe)
Thanks To:
  • EA Blackbox for vector vinyls
  • Ariso for HQ Decals
  • nlgxzef for Recompiled Vinyls
  • Vee-Tec for blender tips


alexdivi96 (June 19, 2024 @ 21:05)
@Frexellia and I found all nfs carbon vs mw vinyls and better in the next one install Palmont Imports a Corvette Z06 Dodge Charger SRT8

FluffyDriver (April 14, 2024 @ 10:27)

Frexellia (March 05, 2024 @ 17:48)
Have you tried it with a new save game ? Because it's necessary otherwise you'll get those issues you just mentioned

Razorblade123 (March 05, 2024 @ 06:42)
Frex, i tried the mod twice, with clean copy of MW05 with binary ofc and i did the recompiled vinyls, unlimiter v4 etc, and I had the thing properly installed like i waited for an hour or like 20-30 mins but it wasn't working it messed up the whole entire game I didn't quit out of binary in this time period it wasn't responding and i get that since I'm on HDD, like it broke the body kits and customization. Also I liked about the vinyls in carbon they are so good too, thanks in advance.

Frexellia (March 04, 2024 @ 04:29)
it's already been made by different author, you can search it


Uploaded at: April 18, 2023 @ 06:42