[NFSC] Mazda RX7 Spirit R by ARCHIE

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

[NFSC] Mazda RX7 Spirit R


NFS Carbon - Mazda RX7 Spirit R

Replaces: RX7

- Wide body kits.
- Bumpers and skirts.
- Spoilers (vanilla and custom).
- Front and rear fenders.
- Headlights and brakelights.
- Side mirrors.
- Interior.
- Roll cages.
- Engine
- Trunk audio.
- Seats.
- Steering wheel.

1. Install NFSC Unlimiter.
2. Install NFSC Extended Customization.
3. Run Binary in User mode and select install.end.
4. Import install.nfsms ModScript via VLTed.
5. Create a new Save Game.

Known issues:
1. No damage scratches on bumpers or body parts.

You are NOT allowed to distribute or reupload this mod.

For any questions and details on how to use - join my Discord server.

Made by ARCHIE


razorgtre46 (August 19, 2023 @ 13:30)
extended customization without camber and wheel spacing, some bodykits the wheels are out of alignment with the body of the car. I think it's better to wait for another version of this car, but otherwise the job seems to me to be very well done.

airoz75ua (August 18, 2023 @ 22:08)
HELL YEAH! Thancks Archie)