[Unlimiter V4] BMW M3 GTR ALMS Extended Customization by rnz

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[Unlimiter V4] BMW M3 GTR ALMS Extended Customization

2001 BMW M3 GTR E46 ALMS Extended Customization - Need for Speed: Most Wanted
by rnz
version 2.0.0

A fully customizable M3 GTR ALMS mod for NFSMW that utilizes the full potential of the latest release of Unlimiter



Changelog 2.0.0:
  • Added OGVI/Attribulator support.
  • Added 3 more kits. (HM Aero, Super Doof, and Mantis).
  • Added Cyberpunk Headlights and Brakelights.
  • Added Hexagon styled tow hooks.
  • Changed Attachments to Roof attachments.
  • Roof attachments now contain new things like Vortex Generators, Roof Rack, and Roof Spoilers.
  • Moved Cop Parts and Drag Parts to roof attachments.
  • Changed Window Banner to Front Attachments. Now it will contain Racing Banner and Fog Lights.
  • Added a new spoiler.
  • Added missing parts in Roll Cage and missing color in Racing Seats.
  • Completely reworked all light markers.
  • Reworked Unbound headlights.
  • Reworked stock headlights.
  • Reworked some normals in some parts.

Some of the new Customization:

Changelog 1.1.1:
  • Fixed crashing due to Custom HUD for the M3. (Removed the option for now and deletes the files copied before)

Changelog 1.1:
  • Fixed Black Badging of the car.
  • Added more grills and 1 more headlight.
  • Added more decal slots.
  • Changed Camera Angle for Roof

  • Bodykits: 18 Kits (Includes ALMS and GT2 Variants)
  • Spoilers: 67New Spoilers
  • Hoods: Vanilla Hoods + 7 New hoods + Forged Carbon Hoods
  • Rims: 3 New Custom Rims
  • Roofs: 11 Custom Roofs
  • Interiors: 2 New Interiors
  • Headlights: 14 New Headlights
  • Side Mirrors: 9 New Custom Mirrors
  • Roof Scoops: All Vanilla Roof Scoops
  • Brakes: 18 New brakes (includes the one used in LeMans)
  • Brakelights: 6 New brakelights
  • Attachment 1: Grills
  • Attachment 2: Hooks
  • Attachment 3: Window Banner
  • Attachment 4: Roll Cages
  • Attachment 5: Trunk
  • Attachment 6: Badge
  • Attachment 7: Attachments
  • Attachment 8: Driver Seat
  • Attachment 9: Hood Clips
  • Attachment 10: Exhaust Tips

  • 19 New Special Vinyls
  • 3 New Tires
  • 2 New Drivers
  • New Decal Slots
  • All other Visual Customization
  • Optional New Hud (Requires ARCHIE's Custom Hud Mod)

  • Engine Swap
  • Crankshaft
  • Vanilla Performance Parts

Mod Features:
  • Full Level of Detail (LODs) (except for DTM Kit, LOD C and D uses stock for now)
  • Utilizes Full Potential of Unlimiter V4
  • Paul NIS Driver
  • 1024x and 512x Vinyls
  • Working Headlights and Brakelights
  • Mipmapped Textures
  • Reworked UV Map for the car
  • Vinyl Debug included

-Preferrably a game copy without a BMW M3 GTR ALMS mod Installed
-Latest Binary
-NFS Vlted
-Latest Unlimiter V4
-ARCHIE's Custom Hud Mod (OPTIONAL)

1. Extract the Archive
2. Open Binary
3. Select User Mode
4. Locate the extracted archive folder and select "1. Binary.end"
5. Locate your game folder and hit OK.
6. Choose in the prompts and save. DON'T RUN THE GAME YET
7. Open Vlted
3. Go to File>Import>Mod Script
4. Select 2. VLTed.end from where you extracted the archive
5. Click Install (After clicking it will take sometime to load)
6. Click Close and Save
7. Exit VLTED and Run the Game
8. Enjoy!

Updating the Mod
Same Process as installation but you will have errors because of existing nodes.

Q: Can I include the car in my modpack?
A: If you want to include this in your mod kindly contact me at Discord @rnz0909

Q: Can I reupload it in other sites?
A: NO.

Q: Can I recompile the model and make changes and upload it?
A: NO.

Q: Can I make vinyl mods for the car?
A: Yes as long as you don't upload the car with the vinyl.

Wouldn't be possible without these people.
  • VeeTec
  • Miner/Meister
  • CrazyMax
  • Ketsueki
  • 379Felipe
  • EllisRacing
  • TMCharly
  • LunicAura
  • elaymm4
  • Felixeur
  • Valen2006
  • fanatiC.
  • CJ
  • ACMP
  • Aven
  • CiPHER
  • YochiThMaster333
  • RisaDriftR
  • Frexellia
  • Desanosan24
  • Freepik
  • ShutterStock
  • Corrin
  • Misfit
  • Sgt Devil
  • OpexRah
  • nlg
  • MaxHwoy
  • RaTT
  • KenjaMago
  • Mr.Adam
  • GameModels.ru
  • and sorry to those who I forgot...



Leon4000 (January 08, 2024 @ 22:37)
The Mod is awesome already hyped for the Carbon port. Got an time in mind when around its going to drop?

rnz. (January 02, 2024 @ 08:55)
@NAMEGG, sure. I'll release an online only edition for the car soon.

apprentice1914 (December 31, 2023 @ 12:58)
nice, I like that 24/7 vinyl. looks great on BMW M3

NAMEGG (December 30, 2023 @ 23:37)
I am an online player. Fair competition requires the original game environment, but I also want to use the exquisite M3 model. Can you make a model that can be used without various customized extensions and can be used by directly replacing the BMWM3GTRE46 folder. Just keep your 3D hood scoop and new roll cage customization. Please, it's so beautiful.

aqui1ier (December 30, 2023 @ 01:05)
@RGx990: Gotcha.! All the same, wonderful job!


Uploaded at: December 21, 2023 @ 03:47


34b8a1-[Version 2.0.0][Download Link].zip (Size: 2.97KB) Latest Version
6504e8-[Version1.1.1][UnlimiterV4]BMW_M3_E46_GTR_EC_by_rnz.zip (Size: 3.02KB) Old Version
647c57-[Version1.1][UnlimiterV4]BMW_M3_E46_GTR_EC_by_rnz.zip (Size: 3.02KB) Old Version