[ProStreet] "Battle Machine" Mazda RX-7 Livery by ElFishGTS

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[ProStreet] "Battle Machine" Mazda RX-7 Livery


I think this is a day that not many would believe possible but here it is!
That's right people, welcome RRYYYYYYYYAAAAN COOOP-I mean, the Mazda RX-7 that has basically been the face of this game and has been absolutely everywhere... and at the same time nowhere to be found.
This is a high quality recreation of the mythical RX7 that we saw in trailers, posters, and even Gameplay in the presentation of NFS: ProStreet at E3 2007 and even a few trailers, which when entering the game NEVER appeared anywhere, and it wasn't until Need For Speed: Undercover (as DLC) and in Need For Speed: World ( Part of the Need For Speed World Free Car Prize Pack 1. 5 Million Facebook Likes Milestone) we had the chance to unlock it... this being a very pitiful version of the versions that we saw in promotional materials.
The details on the car I have recreated as accurately as I could give it in the best quality I can.
This livery also has a clean version, that is, no damage, stitches, tears, nothing. Just the livery in clean.
The details on the car (at least on the damages) are not 100% identical, but the general idea of how the damages should be, are there. Anyway, if you see a detail that you consider improvable, comment it and I will take it into account.

The car also already has 4 builds for each type of race, with the addition that the Speed Challenge build has a set of HRE wheels, honoring the only official version seen in the trailer "Need for Speed ProStreet PlayStation 3 Trailer - Speed"

Necessary programs


  • 1. Open Binary and use the user mode.
  • 2. Enter "BM RX7" o "BM RX7 Clean" (in case you want to use the version without damage. You can only use one, if you want to install another one you will replace it, so if you want to change versions, you must install the other one and so on), select "ProStreet Binary Install.end", save and open the game.
  • 3. Once in the game go to the car you want to install the vinyl on, enter any blueprint and then open Car Customizer.
  • 4. In Car Customizer, click on "File", "Open", find the folder "Car Cus files" of the .rar and open the car you want to install the vinyl on
  • 5. Go back to the game and that's it!

    Both the modifications and the vinyl itself never show up the first time, so go in and out of Showcase mode a few times until you see that the car parts have changed.
    The vinyl itself may take a while to appear, so if in the seconds after the parts have changed the vinyl doesn't appear, wait about a minute for the vinyl to appear.


Many thanks to
  • VeeTec for creating the script to insert the vinyls in ProStreet, making the process much easier.
  • TMCharly for making the livery decals


You cannot re-upload this mod anywhere.
You can use it in mod packs or other similar projects as long as it is free and credits are left as well as a link to this mod separately.
If you have questions, you can contact me by Discord: elfish09


This time with vanilla


Hale97 (June 16, 2024 @ 00:06)
i always dreamed of having this vinyl and now it's possible, incredible. it works perfectly without any problems :) https://imgur.com/ZlZi2ZS

ElFishGTS (June 11, 2024 @ 16:08)
@roseAKjnortwood Doesn't replace anything, it is an addon.

roseAKjnortwood (June 10, 2024 @ 06:12)
This replaces a vinyl that the AIs use or is it a separate addition?

ElFishGTS (April 03, 2024 @ 16:31)
@SkryeS Sometimes this happens, inserting the livery with Car Customizer can be weird and when it seems that you have already placed it, it turns out that you haven't. Try to apply the Car Cus file again and switch a few times between the game window and the Car Customizer window until you notice a change. You can also try applying the .nfspscd, save and exit the blueprint and re-enter, If you continue with that error, talk to me on Discord and I will help you more in detail with your problem (elfish09).

SkryeS (April 02, 2024 @ 21:01)
I don't know why i just can't see it. Car becomes upgraded with parts but even after 20 mins still no livery


Uploaded at: February 17, 2024 @ 00:18