Need for Pyros: UOHH 2 (Blue Archive Soundtrack in UG2) by _c10

Category: Audio | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

Need for Pyros: UOHH 2 (Blue Archive Soundtrack in UG2)


errrm hello people, thanks for taking your time and looking into this shitpost of a mod
This mod replaces the existing soundtracks in the game for 27 tracks curated from the currently 221 of the somewhat hit gacha game of 2024, Blue Archive
Some are still relegated as gamerips, while others have been released as official album entries

This is also my first mod, so please contact me via _c10 on Discord should any issues arise


- A fresh copy of Underground 2 v1.2 with a NoCD crack
- nlgxzef's NFSU2 Trax Renamer (
- ThirteenAG's Ultimate ASI Loader, which should be pre-packaged assuming you have already installed nlgxzef's UG2 Extra Options (

How do I install the mod:

This method is only for people who have already installed mods such as....
- xGMVx's "Uncensored & Restored Soundtracks"(
- PatheticPal's "MC2 Soundtrack in Underground 2" (
The other, more manual method shall be included in the readme file

  • Install nlgxzef's NFSU2 Trax Renamer before continuing
  • Extract the contents of the file, preferably onto the main desktop
  • Replace the files with the ones included in the RAR
  • Profit!


- Songs that are classified as "(n/a)" in their album title indicates said tracks have not yet been released in any official capacity, and will be updated to include the proper albums once they ARE released in the future
- Songs that are included in 1 or more albums will be classified as from different albums, for the sake of "diversity"

Change Logs:

Initial release (26/6/2024)

Updated track 20 (Kitsunebi) and track 26 (Usagi Flap) as they are now officially released in OST Vol.6 (22/7/2024)


- EA Black Box for Underground 2
- NAT GAMES & Nexon for Blue Archive itself
- Mitsukiyo, Nor/Aice room, KARUT, Jiho Park and NezMayo for being the composers of the soundtracks I used for this mod
- EA for it's Motor City Online Music Importer
- BadHairDay for his NFSU2 Music Replacer
- ThirteenAG for his Ultimate ASI Loader
- nlgxzef for his NFSU2 Trax Renamer
- moses for the S281 Conversion mod that I used for the screenshot
- Riyaly, Dr.Paradox & "kirino enjoyer" over at the official Blue Archive Global Discord server for helping me with track suggestions


ArthurLopes (June 29, 2024 @ 18:02)
get in the car sensei


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