Cyberdized Project by Frexellia

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

Cyberdized Project


This mod aims to give Palmont city some metro cyberpunk-ish vibe with animated billboards, signs and other miscellaneous
4GB patch are required to run this mod

Cyberdized Project is not recommended to be installed on specs with slow read speed memory drive

Update 2.5:
- Renewed all visible billboards along city streets & highways
- Hologram styled some city billboards (only available on TexWizard method)
- Fixed texture naming on stream installation

Update 2.0:
- Added TexWizard texture injection method for better stability
- Added a vlt script to change lamp posts flare fx style
- 4 new animated billboards
- Redone animated billboard in downtown near dinosaur pursuit breaker
- Fixed E82 TPKBlocks for Stream uninstall

More in-game preview

NOTE (for TexWizard Method):
If you have TexWizard installed before, you don't need to launch the Binary installation as it'll overwrite the whole path inside the TexWizard.json file especially the uninstall option, it'll also remove both TexWizard asi & json file
You just need to move the texture folder inside the "necessary\texwiz" folder into the game destination and add the texture.bin path into TexWizard.json file
If this is your first time installing TexWizard then you can just proceed with the Binary installation

NOTE (for Stream method):
Starting from update 2.5 onwards, texture addons & updates will be put on hold until there is a way to optimize the memory limit
Stream files will be corrupted if the installation fails so it's critical to make a backup first before installing
If Binary keeps throwing 'SystemOutofMemory' error message or something similar, restart it and redo the installation process

Hologram ads will have a pop-in behavior due to the small hardcoded radius value on all billboards geometry

Animations/edits & arts by:
  • Ado
  • CD Projekt Red
  • channelcaststation
  • Diego Messori
  • Gharliera
  • ionutz oroian
  • Keigo Inoue
  • Koyorin
  • Maciej Kuciara
  • NightmareOwl
  • Prompto
  • rafael amorim (raf187)
  • Robu Grotesk
  • Rudy Slama
  • Skeler
  • SnailR
  • Studio Trigger
  • Studio MAPPA
Tools Used:
  • Binary (MaxHwoy)
  • OMT (TerminatorVasya)
  • Photoshop (Adobe)
  • Notepad++ (Don Ho)
  • Filmora (Tobee Wu)
  • reaConverter (reaSoft)
  • Bulk Rename Utility (TGRMN Software)
Thanks To:
  • R-033 & nlgxzef for TexWizard
  • VeeTec for animated texture tutorial
  • TerminatorVasya for geometry help
  • Keigo Inoue for city inspiration


Frexellia (March 03, 2024 @ 17:08)
install it with Binary user mode

Yezwx (February 17, 2024 @ 03:10)
It looks very good but... How do I install it?

Frexellia (January 28, 2024 @ 04:41)
It's from CBR

Erce (November 04, 2023 @ 06:46)
Link to the Audi from the screenshots?

FluffyDriver (September 23, 2023 @ 08:56)
Epic mod thank you, using it for my mod pack xdddd

Uploaded at: February 11, 2023 @ 07:36