Cyberdized-Project by Frexellia

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon



This mod aims to give Palmont city some metro cyberpunk-ish vibe with animated billboards, signs and other miscellaneous
4GB patch are required to run this mod

Update 2.0:
- Added TexWizard texture injection method for better stability
- Added a vlt script to change lamp posts flare fx style
- 4 new animated billboards
- Redone animated billboard in downtown near dinosaur pursuit breaker
- Fixed E82 TPKBlocks for Stream uninstall

Installation notes for both methods (TexWizard & Stream) can be found in the readme file

2.0 in-game preview

Extracted stream files texture + converted PNGs structured in Binary folder order

Animations/edits & arts by:
  • Ado
  • CD Projekt Red
  • Diego Messori
  • Gharliera
  • ionutz oroian
  • Keigo Inoue
  • Koyorin
  • Maciej Kuciara
  • NightmareOwl
  • Prompto
  • rafael amorim (raf187)
  • Skeler
  • SnailR
  • Studio Trigger
  • Studio MAPPA
Tools Used:
  • Binary (MaxHwoy)
  • Photoshop (Adobe)
  • Notepad++ (Don Ho)
  • Filmora (Tobee Wu)
  • reaConverter (reaSoft)
  • Bulk Rename Utility (TGRMN Software)
Thanks To:
  • R-033 & nlgxzef for TexWizard
  • Vee-Tec (a.k.a Vee) for animated texture tutorial
  • Keigo Inoue for city inspiration


FluffyDriver (September 23, 2023 @ 08:56)
Epic mod thank you, using it for my mod pack xdddd

Frexellia (May 29, 2023 @ 12:08)
I just don't think nfsw will be suitable with this but that could be changed when nfsco is released

Antonio (April 04, 2023 @ 18:54)
Hmm, this project looks interesting. But I think it's more suitable for NFS World or SBRW (y'know, the premise of virtual existence and surreal effects or perks).

Frexellia (February 13, 2023 @ 00:12)
Have you patch the 'nfsc.exe' file with the 4gb patch ?

Moises115 (February 13, 2023 @ 00:00)
I installed the mod, during races works great, but after 2 races for some reason the game crashes...