Beta Menus & Intro [v1.4] by AleX

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Beta Menus & Intro [v1.4]

NFS Carbon (2006) - Beta Menus & Intro
Version 1.4

This mod imports beta menus from Pre Release builds of the game and Xbox Original Demo.

NOTE: It's recommended, to backup FRONTEND and GLOBAL, and your game is not on a system drive.

1. Open Binary v2.9.0
2. Choose "User Mode"
3. Choose "Install.end"
4. Save changes.
5. Run the game.
6. Enjoy!

This mod is recommended to be used with:
- Widescreen Fix
- Extra Options
- HUD Resizer
- HD Reflections
- Beta Texture Pack
- Xtended Input (if you're playing with controller)

>> Screenshots: Imgur link

  • None

v1.0 - v1.4
  • Added recreation of FeCrewLogoColourChooser.fng (Leipzig Build)
  • Added recreation of FeColourChooser.fng (Leipzig Build)
  • Added FeChallengeSeries.fng (Xbox 360 Preview Build)
  • Added Loading_Tips.fng (August Build)
  • Changed Binary installation method
  • Removed experimental asi
  • Added Font from Xbox Original Demo
  • Fixed issue with FePauseMain.fng
  • Fixed issue with Install.end
  • Added Binary installation method
  • Fixed issue with DEMO_SPLASH.fng
  • Added FeWorldMapQuickList.fng (Xbox Original Demo)
  • Added FePauseMain.fng (Xbox Original Demo)
  • Added Loading.fng (Xbox Original Demo)
  • Added DEMO_SPLASH.fng (Xbox Original Demo)
  • Added attract_english_ntsc.vp6 from Xbox Original Demo

  • heyitsleo (Special asi script)
  • D4rkNFS4143 (Fixing the font)
  • nebulafdv2 (Compiling FEngLib from the sourcecode)
  • AleX (Editing FNGs, releasing mod)

Tools Used:
  • Binary
  • FEngViewer
  • NFS Disculator
  • SatEditor
  • FEngCli

If you have problems with my mod you can DM me in Discord!

Discord Username:
  • alex3374

You're NOT allowed to re-upload my mod anywhere else without my permission.
You can use my mod on your modpack as long as you give me credits.


AleX (September 26, 2023 @ 18:59)
@CxlciumMMIV the encrypted text is skill issue on my side, also to fix it go to mods binary folder then files and replace globala with the one from the mod.Also i still dont know what is causing the crashes and yeah felipe pack is a must.

CxlciumMMIV (July 09, 2023 @ 17:13)
Hi mate, running v1.4 and I'm also crashing on the start-up. The "Loading" text also looks really weird, like its encrypted or something. Is installing 379Felipe's beta texture pack a must or am I missing something?

zarus1997 (July 01, 2023 @ 20:40)
@AleX old version works new nope

AleX (July 01, 2023 @ 19:38)
@zarus just send me friend request my username is at the description of the mod

zarus1997 (July 01, 2023 @ 17:27)
@AleX send your serwer dc link

Uploaded at: May 12, 2023 @ 18:57


3f7fa1-NFSC Beta Menus & Intro (Size: 23.32MB) Latest Version
7feab6-NFSC Beta Menus & Intro (Size: 24.32MB) Old Version
8cb88b-NFSC Beta Menus & Intro (Size: 24.29MB) Old Version