Xbox 360 Stuff Pack [v3.2 Beta] by A bunch of people

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Xbox 360 Stuff Pack [v3.2 Beta]

Version 3.2 Beta

This mod will try to make your game look more like Xbox 360 release of NFSMW (2005). This is beta release of new version, meaning that something may not look or work exactly as intended.

Key changes:
  • Xbox 360 shaders ported to PC version, although with various tweaks and workarounds because of missing graphical features:
  • _____Car Shader, which supports noise flake on metallic paints, normal maps (fake depth technique), radiosity (imitation of Ambient Occlusion) and visible sun specular
  • _____Visual Treatment filter, which gives more accurate Xbox 360 look
  • _____Xbox 360 sky, which has more depth to it thanks to horizon gradients and support for unique overcast clouds
  • _____Sky bloom which closer to sunset and during sunset emmits special bloom (blue during pre-sunset, red during sunset)
  • _____Reflections in building windows are distorted/transfomred in Xbox 360 way
  • _____Xbox 360 harsh shadow filtering
  • _____Xbox 360 water, with reflections and distortions
  • _____Xbox 360 trees, which have more vibrant autumn colors, especially during sunset
  • _____And other changes...
  • Xbox 360 high-resolution textures for game world & garages / menus
  • Time of day lighting from Xbox 360 (with some changes because of missing graphical features on PC version)
  • Time of day lighting presets in prologue races changed to ones that are closer to Xbox 360
  • Visual treatment filter settings from Xbox 360
  • Higher resolution for black bloom effect
  • Xbox 360 car light materials
  • Xbox 360 car light flares
  • Xbox 360 race neon barrier textures (they are a bit more transparent)
  • Sun and Cloud textures were replaced with their uncompressed versions from Xbox 360
  • Uncompressed version of title screen image
  • Xbox 360 car reflections in garages / menus
  • Dynamic shadows in garages / menus, like on Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 more dense tire smoke & some other particles / emitters
  • ReShade preset which adds some extra correction to final image
  • Another ReShade preset, which replaces game's visual treatment filter with its own (experimental)
  • Xbox 360 quality soundtrack

This mod is compatible with (and is recommended to be used with):
- Widescreen Fix
- HD Reflections
- Front-End Shadows
- Xbox 360 Recompiled vinyls
- Xenon Effects
- Xbox 360 UI Texts (if you're playing on English (US) version of the game)
- Xtended Input (if you're playing with controller)

All additional information is provided in ReadMe.
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Dud4um (May 02, 2024 @ 06:37)
The Mod is sensational. It installed perfectly and is working very well. There are only two details that I couldn't correct.
1 - XBOX button icons no longer work. Even changing it within the "NFSMostWanted.WidescreenFix" file, the keyboard icons remain.
2. Previous Save Game no longer loads.
Any way to fix these problems?

Lind907 (April 25, 2024 @ 14:34)
IDI_FILTER_FX is the shader that is not compatible with motionblur, IDI_OVERBRIGHT_FX is the shader that is responsible for the biggest FPS Drops. Both the normal and the alternative. idi_visualtreatment_fx must be used in combination with IDI_OVERBRIGHT_FX for overbright to function. But i had to remove overbright because that one is the biggest cause for FPS Drops.

BurninRubber99 (April 22, 2024 @ 21:20)
I mean then*

BurninRubber99 (April 22, 2024 @ 21:20)
Tip: if you want the motion blur from the 2.4 version just download that version, the extract only the script folder to your main game!

xIFeitan (April 18, 2024 @ 20:21)
For some reason when I open the game with this mod installed, when I load a game it tells me it is corrupt, but without the mod installed it can load the game correctly, what do I do?

Uploaded at: August 24, 2019 @ 20:36


3badef-NFSMW (2005) X360 Stuff (v3.2 Beta) - Download (Size: 1.41KB) Latest Version
ed85ce-NFSMW (2005) X360 Stuff 3.1 Beta - Download (Size: 1.4KB) Old Version
6e8b0f-NFSMW (2005) X360 Stuff 3.0 Beta - Download (Size: 1.4KB) Old Version