Revamped Pursuits (Carbon) by Splash45

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Revamped Pursuits (Carbon)

The Revamped Pursuits for MW is now in Carbon! Just like my last mod, it aims to make the pursuits in-game more challenging and engaging than the Vanilla version. Balance is still in check to make sure the Police won't be overpowered. Cops will use diverse vehicles as you progress through heat levels. There are slight buffs in some areas of the Pursuit System than the MW version to compensate for the lack of Air Support Units. Changes were also made in later Heat Levels to distinguish the Palmont PD from the Rockport PD.

Even with each mod compatibility now containing an Uninstall script, I still advise backing up your GLOBAL folder just in case.

Compatible mods:
  • Vanilla (Clean version of the game)
  • Ultimate Mod
  • Endgame Mod
  • Improvement Mod
  • Redux mod (Already included in the modpack itself)
  • Improvement+Endgame Mod
  • Carbon Battle Royale
  • Any non-pursuit mod (not 100% certain)

Heat levels: (Improvement mod versions not affected)
1: Civic Cruisers
2: Undercover Civic Cruisers & Light SUV Rhinos
3: State Cruisers, Light SUV Rhinos, & Heavy SUV Rhinos (Roadblocks & Head-on Ram only)
4: Undercover State Cruisers & Heavy SUV Rhinos.
5. Federal Cruisers & Heavy SUV Rhinos.
6: Civic Cruisers, Undercover Civic Cruisers & Heavy SUV Rhinos.
7: State Cruisers, Federal Cruisers & Heavy SUV Rhinos.
8: Undercover State Cruisers, Undercover Federal Cruisers & Heavy SUV Rhinos.
9: Civic Cruisers, Light SUV Rhinos & Heavy SUV Rhinos
10: Federal Cruisers, Undercover Federal Cruisers, & Heavy SUV Rhinos. (Redux consists of Federal cruisers and Cross)

  • For Improvement mod users, only some areas of the Pursuit System are tweaked. Heat levels are still the same for that mod except heat level 10 since it was still kept vanilla on that mod.
  • For Endgame and CBR users, you can opt to switch between heat level 10 of Revamp mod and those respective mods. More will be explained inside the zip.
  • Ultimate mod users can also switch between heat level 9 of Revamp mod and Ultimate mod. More in the zip aswell.
  • For Redux users, installation is no longer needed. But you're still free to use the optional scripts from the Redux folder if you wish to. Update script for Redux may be added on a future update.

Remember, Vlted 4.6 is required for installing the mod.
Extra Options for Carbon is also required for the full experience. Just like MW, set the values HeatLevelOverride and PursuitActionMode to 1.

Recommended mods to go along with: (Both made by Avalanche)
Optional features: (they can be found within each mod folder, Redux users will have opposite versions of the first 2 scripts)
  • Slower Cop Bust - simply takes the cops more time to bust you. For players who can't handle the difficulty of the pursuits. Don't get too comfy though, they can still bust you if not careful.
  • Cross in Heat 10 - makes Cross part of the Heat level lineup similar to Frexellia's pursuit mod. Replaces Heavy Rhinos upon installing.
  • NIS Cruisers in pursuits - adds cruisers that is only seen in busted cutscenes to Heats 1-5 . It doesn't replace any cop vehicles in the lineup.
  • Smackable Spike Strips - Simply makes the spike belts act like destructible props in-game. You can just simply knock them off and won't puncture your tires.
  • Fixed Cop Spawns on Startup - Fixes incorrect cop car spawns in some of the Challenge Series Pursuit events upon starting them. They should now drive correct ones according to heat level.
  • No Bounty Hunter Involvement - As the title suggests, simply disables Cross from spawning during pursuits.

These features can be uninstalled and reverted back to mod defaults.

Bug encountered:
  • In challenges where Rhinos are the target for takedown, it'll only count the ones going for you in a Head on Ram and in some roadblocks, the ones chasing you will not count.

- Unlimiter support for CopsDestroyedString added, more explained inside the zip.
- Readme txt files updated, minor reorganization of important files.

- Both Rhino variants now have proper weight implemented, no longer being lighter than main units.
- Light Rhino's bounty has been decreased from 15000 to 7500.
- There will now be atleast one cop patrolling upon being dispatched, no matter how low its Heat zone in specific areas. Their numbers increase according to your current heat level.
- Minor improvements on higher heat levels, particularly Heats 9 and 10.
- Rebalanced roadblock spawnrates, they'll be less frequent on lower heat levels, but much frequent on higher ones.
- Added Light Rhino on Heat 2's busted scene (Improvement Versions not affected)
- Updated 'Fix cop spawns on startup' script for Improvement+Endgame version.
- Added an option to disable Cross' appearance in pursuits entirely if player wishes to
- Added Redux folder for the optional scripts (10/10/2021)

- Fixes the issue of some cops leaving the pursuit, or atleast tries to, whenever player gets spotted during both cooldown and backup phase. Something that's been present since v1.0 of the mod. (Credits to JackJohnson)
- Increased amount of remaining cops to trigger backup on later heat levels
- Made some changes with Heat 1's alternate busted scene, it should use correct cruisers this time
- Added an essential optional script included in all mod compatibilities
- Uninstall scripts can now also revert to default Heat level 10 in some mods.

- Cops are now competent in using box tactics even at low heat levels. They'll only initiate it when your car is slow enough.
- With that said above, cop's ability to bust you has been reworked for better utilization
- Again, reworked top speed and acceleration multiplier of patrol units (CBR cop cars included)
- Amount of costs per infraction increased. (A bit less than MW)

- Slight buffs to the patrol cars' top speed. (CBR cop cars included)
- Back-up timer decreased in Heats 7 and up.
- Slight tweaks to their reaction times.
- Added optional feature, 'Smackable Spike Strips'
- Swapped Light and Heavy Rhinos in their busted scenes in Heats 3 and 5.
- Adjustments made to the Rhino's bounty. (Improvement versions not affected.)

- Major overhaul to the scripts themselves, should be more user-friendly than before.
- Installing/updating and uninstalling the mod can be found on the main script itself depending on your mod installed.
- Optional Features can now be installed and uninstalled within their script, not separated anymore.
- Cross can now appear as early as Heat level 3 for Story purposes. Bear in mind that the chances of him appearing is slim.
- Minor change to cruisers in Heat level 9. (Improvement versions not affected)

- Added new optional feature for the mod.
- LOS values tweaked for Heats 8-10.
- Cop support tweaked, expect 1-2 cops joining during backup countdown even on lower heat levels.
- Adjustments with the roadblocks during cooldown mode for Heats 8-10.

- Some tweaks to the cop's catch-up.
- Added optional features for this mod.
- Added and updated the txt files to abide with the new mod rules (6/11/2020)

- Replaced State Cruisers with UC Civic Cruisers in Heat level 6.
- Fixed the issue of Light Rhinos leaving the pursuit in heat level 3. But expect Heavy ones gunning at you head-on and appearing in roadblocks.
- Frequency of head-on rams in Heat level 5 nerfed (CBR version only)
- Chances of encountering Rhino-only roadblocks now possible in levels 6 and up.
Note: No changes with the Improvement versions.

- Frequency of spike strips in heat levels 8-10 increased. (All versions affected)

- Added few missing features to Improvement versions.
- Uninstall scripts reworked, it should completely revert it to default settings depending on the version.
- Compatibility for Carbon Battle Royale mod added.

- Initial Release.


Swapped Rhinos in Busted Scenes: (as of 1.7)

nfsu360 for Vlted
ExOpts Team for the Extra Options.
Frexellia for the functional Light SUVs.
JackJohnson for the bug fix during cooldown phase.
nlgzrgn for the NFSC Unlimiter
RaTT and his team for the Ultimate mod.
maxhwoy & his team for the Endgame mod.
379Felipe and the Improvement Team for the Improvement Mod.
KryZee for the Redux mod
CBR Team for the Carbon Battle Royale mod.
Avalanche for the Cross Pursuit Fix and providing useful values for this mod.

Other mods in screenshot:
- Beta Cop Cruiser Recreations by C0mmunityMindedMiner.
- NFSC Enhanced Visual Treatment by nlgzrgn, nismofan, SpeedyHeart
- NFSC HD Reflections by Aero.
- Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X by NFS2020.

If you experience any issues with the mod, message me here or find me thru Discord and DM me there. Splash45#7455


YataK (April 13, 2022 @ 13:31)
How to reduce the weight of cops? Download "NFSC broken AI physics" and change the values. Best are: up to 5 for usual cars, up to 10 for SUVs (Y maximum up to 3-5 for everything).

ShiniKato (March 18, 2022 @ 17:02)
How do you reduce the weight of the cruisers ?

apmrns (March 06, 2022 @ 23:09)
The mod itself is great but the heavyweight cops are totally not funny, wight of the cops ruined it ...

pr83 (November 11, 2021 @ 08:28)
Edit: WHAT'S UP WITH THE TEXT LIMIT LOL. I wanted to also mention that this issue plagues your other Pursuit mods. So maybe reconsider some of the changes you made in them.

pr83 (November 11, 2021 @ 08:25)
Cool overhaul ruined by one simple tweak, the cop cars weighs tons now and there isn't a progression system, they just weigh that from level one. Mod actually has has cool ai tweaks to make the cop behaviour really interesting but all of it is nullified because the game becomes unplayable when they show up. Nothing like hitting a cop at high speed and do fuck all and then promptly get busted. Hope you revert back their weights as it really ruins the momentum you have and overall gameplay

Uploaded at: May 18, 2020 @ 14:41


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