Xbox 360 Visual Treatment [v1.5] by Kevin4e

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Xbox 360 Visual Treatment [v1.5]

Version 1.5

This mod imports the Xbox 360 Visual Treatment for Most Wanted (2005) using Extra Options and NFS-VltEd.

MOD SHOWCASE 1.5 (Current VT Settings]

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In order to import the Visual Treatment, you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Install Extra Options by ExOpts Team.
2. Install NFS-VltEd by nfsu360.
3. Install Xbox 360 Stuff Pack 2.4 Beta by elaymm4, osdever, r033, SpeedyHeart, Aero.
4. Extract the files from the archive to a single location (like Desktop).
5. Copy in the .ini file extracted from the archive the entire "[VisualTreatment]" section.
6. Open NFSMWExtraOptionsSettings.ini from your game folder.
7. Paste the copied VisualTreatment section into the NFSMWExtraOptionsSettings.ini's one. (Or you can directly write the values).
8. Open NFS-VltEd.
9. File > Import > Modscript > Double-click "NFSMW X360 Improvements.nfsms" and install it.
10. Disable ReShade if used.

It is recommended to install, together with this mod and in addition to X360 Stuff Pack, also:
Front-End Shadows
HD Content Support
HUD Adapter
HUD Resizer
Motion Blur Controller
Recompiled Vinyls (1024x)
Widescreen Fix
Xbox 360 Buttons (Monochrome Style)
Xbox 360 Converted Movies
Xbox Rain Droplets

Change log:

- Decreased Red amount (≈-2,72%)
- Increased Green amount (+7,5%)
- Increased Blue amount (≈+66,67%)
- Decreased Color Bloom amount (≈-7,78%)
- Decreased Saturation (≈-14,28%)
- Increased Black Boom amount (≈+22,2%)
- Adjusted Ambient color
- Reduced Fog's distance during sunny (closer & more visible)
- Increased Fog's distance during sunny sunset (farther)
- Increased + Adjusted Road reflection colors
- Increased Sky's brightness (≈+7,78%)
- Adjusted Sky's colors

- Decreased Color Bloom amount (-25%)
- Decreased Saturation (≈-7,14%)
- Decreased blue color of the sky (≈-9,05%)
- Adjusted brake light flare size, scale and color

- Made the sky a little more blue during the day (≈+22%)
- Increased Black Boom amount (+50%)

- Increased sky's brightness during sunset and adjusted road color

- Added an optional .nfsms which decreases sky's brightness during the day to make it look like Xbox 360
- Increased Red amount (+10%)
- Increased Saturation (≈+7,14%)
- Increased Color Bloom amount (+20%)
- Decreased Black Boom amount (-25%)

- Initial release.

[About Change log]
Increases/decreases don't have much noticeable change even if it is increased/decreased by 70%, this is because the values are very small. Don't be fooled by the percentages.

Thanks to sak for the shots.


Kevin4e (Me, Author of the mod)
ExOpts Team (Extra Options)
nfsu360 (NFS-VltEd)

Thank you so much for the 1K downloads! This means a lot to me.

You're NOT allowed to re-upload my mod anywhere else without my permission.
You can use my mod on your modpack as long as you ask me privately.

Discord Username:


O0o0nur (February 17, 2024 @ 20:56)
Hey buddy, I tried to reach you via Discord, but your account has been removed. I hope there is no problem.

MeowX (October 08, 2023 @ 04:18)
Professional modder.

Kevin4e (September 26, 2023 @ 12:59)
@Draxin, barely, I can't work on this with the new x360 stuff update, the vt shader makes my game very unstable due to weak hardware, either I need helps or probably not gonna happen, for now, you can include all the shaders except "idi_visualtreatment_fx" (by removing this, you won't have the sky bloom) and "IDI_FILTER_FX".

Draxin (September 25, 2023 @ 13:59)
Are you planning on updating this for the latest Xbox 360 Stuff update?

Kevin4e (May 14, 2023 @ 10:50)
@TheBadSina I don't play Carbon, but I was thinking about playing it soon.
I'll see if I can make this mod for Carbon as well.

Uploaded at: May 04, 2023 @ 16:13


f2c0ef-NFSMW X360 Visual Treatment 1.5.rar (Size: 3.99KB) Latest Version
bd856c-NFSMW X360 Visual Treatment 1.4.rar (Size: 3.87KB) Old Version
1e6ca6-NFSMW X360 Visual Treatment 1.3.rar (Size: 3.78KB) Old Version