Revamped Pursuit System (MW) by Splash45 & Frexellia

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Revamped Pursuit System (MW)

This mod aims to improve the Pursuit System of the game by making chases more engaging over the Vanilla counterpart. Difficulty is increased, but with balance still in check to keep the Police from being overpowered.
Full Credits goes to Frexellia , giving me permission to use his v0.6 mod as a basis which can be found here: Link

Even with an uninstall script included, I still recommend backing up your GLOBAL folder.

Featured in KuruHS' NFS Marathon 2020, you can check them out here:
Part 1 Part 2

Compatible mods:

- Make sure to choose the correct installation option when installing the BCM version. If mistakes were made, simply close Vlted without saving then reopen it again. Redo the install process afterwards.
- No plans of adding Rhino only roadblocks in Heats 8-10, as the game will sometimes bug out if implemented.
- Installation of Frexellia's Restored Unused Cops Data is not required as it is already included in this mod.
- You are allowed to add any other addon cops not fully supported in this mod. Just make sure you know what you're doing in order to properly spawn them in-game.
- Will NOT work with modloader.

- Reworked difficulty.
- Shorter backup time, longer cooldown time.
- Faster catch up of cops even at lower heat levels.
- Roadblocks and spike strip frequency increased.
- Increased units engaging per heat level.
- Increased cop patrols roaming around the city.
- Faster response time upon starting a pursuit.
& many more!

Heat Levels: (Vanilla/Beta Content)
1: Civic Cruisers
2: Undercover Civic Cruisers
3: State Cruisers, Light SUV Rhinos & Air Support unit (BCM Only).
4: Undercover State Cruisers, Heavy SUV Rhinos & Air Support Unit.
5: Federal Cruisers, Heavy SUV Rhinos and Air Support Unit.
6: Civic Cruisers, Heavy SUV Rhinos & Air Support Unit. (To match with the final cutscene)
7: Undercover Federal Cruisers, Heavy SUV Rhinos & Air Support Unit.
8: Civic Cruisers, State Cruisers, Federal Cruisers & Air Support Unit.
9: Undercover Civic Cruisers, Undercover State Cruisers, Undercover Federal Cruisers & Air Support Unit.
10: Federal Cruisers, Federal Undercover Cruisers, Heavy SUV Rhinos & Air Support Unit.
(Note: BCM Users using Beta-like heat settings are not affected)

Vlted 4.6 is required for installing the mod. Get it here: Link
Extra Options for MW is also required for full experience. Set the values HeatLevelOverride to 1 and PursuitActionMode to 1. Get it here: Link

Optional features:
  • Slower Cop Bust - simply takes the cops more time to bust you. For players who can't handle the overall difficulty of the pursuits . Don't get too comfy though, they can still bust you if not careful.
  • Cross in Heat 10 - makes Cross part of the Heat level lineup similar to Frexellia's pursuit mod. Replaces Heavy Rhinos upon installing.
  • NIS Cruisers in pursuits - adds cruisers only seen in busted cutscenes to Heat levels 1-3 (up to 2 if using BCM's heat setting). It doesn't replace any cop vehicles in the lineup.
  • Weightless cops (Pepega v2.0) - as the title suggests, restores original weights of Police vehicles from the Pepega Edition.
  • Smackable Spike Strips - simply makes them act like destructible props in-game. You can just simply knock them off and won't puncture your tires.
  • Goodboygamer's Addon cops (Vanilla) - simply adds and rebalance his cop vehicles (Dodge Charger SRT8, Hummer H1 Alpha) for the mod, more will be explained inside the zip.
  • Extended Tollbooth time (Vanilla) - adds more time upon start of a Tollbooth event in Challenge series. Since many of the events are almost impossible to complete due to roadblocks when pursued.

These features can be uninstalled and reverted back to mod defaults.

Updating the mod:
If the previous version of the mod is already installed, select the Update option in the main script. Alternatively you can run the uninstall script from the last version of the mod you installed, then run a full install on the latest version.

  • Air Support in Heat levels 8-10 will only spawn during cooldown mode due to game limits. But it does chase you down when spotted. (Vanilla/Beta Content)
  • Cop blips on radar sometimes tend to disappear due to game limit of blips, it's more noticeable in levels 8-10.
  • In rare occasions, the amount of cops spawning on-screen may decrease (ex. spawning 4 cops at a time instead of 7) for some reason. Though it doesn't happen often.
  • Modified Light Rhinos (Heat 3) and Civic Cruisers (Heat 6) will not display their combo bounty indicator. This can be fixed with the use of the latest Unlimiter, more details explained inside the zip.
  • Due to the nature of the mod, chances of getting 'Pure Virtual Function call' error will be increased during pursuits. I highly recommend installing GrimMaples' MWfixes script. Get it here: Link
    If crashes still occurs, you can run the Mwfixes crash fix included in the zip. Note that this will disable the semi trucks ingame except in drag races.
    (Fix not included in BCM and HPC as per request of the author. For Pepega users, it's not needed)

- Support for Hot Pursuit Challenges added.

- Both Rhino variants (Stacced and Tank units in Pepega mod) now have proper weight on them. No longer being lighter than main units.
- Rolling roadblocks modified for heats 8-10.
- Roadblock spawnrates have been rebalanced, they'll be less frequent on lower heat levels, but much frequent on higher ones.

- Full support for Pepega v2.0 Anniversary Edition added.
- Added compatibility for Goodboygamer's Hummer H1 Alpha Police.
- Unlimiter support for CopsDestroyedString, more explained inside the zip.
- Added an optional feature exclusive only to Pepega v2.0
- Reorganized some folders inside the zip.

- Fixes the issue of some cops leaving the pursuit, or atleast tries to, whenever player gets spotted during both cooldown and backup phase. Something that's been present since v1.0 of the mod. (Credits to JackJohnson)
- Increased amount of remaining cops to trigger backup on later heat levels
- Added compatibility for Goodboygamer's Dodge Charger SRT8 Pursuit addon in one of the optional scripts.

- Added Support for MW Pepega Edition. (Halloween exclusive heat levels included)

- Full support for Beta Content Mod has been added.
- Decreased helicopter inactivity between flights
- Chance of Helicopter searches during cooldown increased.
- Slight tweaks made for Light Rhinos in roadblocks.

- Added a faster, heavier version of the Civic Cruiser exclusive only to Heat 6. Each costing around 14K Bounty upon disabling.
- Same said cruiser will be featured on the Final Pursuit, replacing the normal ones.
- Reworked a few lines on the main script.
- Added Optional script, Extended Tollbooth Time.
- Rebalanced cop composition on Heats 8,9. Expect Federal and State units being more frequent than Civic cruisers.

- Minor fixes made to Air Unit's visual range, made a mistake of decreasing them on the last update.
Note: Ignore the error when updating from v2.3

- Cops are now competent in using box tactics even at low heat levels. They'll only initiate it when your car is slow
- With that said above, cop's ability to bust you has been reworked for better utilization
- Improved visual range of Air support units on you.
- Again, reworked top speed multiplier of patrol units
- A bug in Challenge series #34 where cops will use State Cruisers instead of Undercover ones has been fixed.
- Added missing values for the uninstall script.
- Amount of costs per infraction increased.

- Slight buffs to the patrol cars' top speed.
- Minor changes to Head-on Ram Rhinos in Heat level 3.
- Back-up timer decreased in Heats 6 and up.
- Slight tweaks to their reaction times.
- Added optional feature, 'Smackable Spike Strips'
- Replaced UC Federal Cruisers with Civic Cruisers on start of the Final Pursuit.

- Restored Unused Cops Data included in this update (Thanks Frexellia)
- Major overhaul to the scripts themselves, should be more user-friendly than before.
- Optional Features can now be installed and uninstalled within their script, not separated anymore.
- Installing or updating the mod can be found on the main script itself
- Bounty values for Light SUVs has been decreased. (by Frexellia)

- Added new optional feature for the mod.
- Total number of cops for Heat 7 increased.
- Adjustments with the roadblocks during cooldown mode for Heats 8-10.
- Cop support tweaked, expect 1-2 cops joining during backup countdown even on lower heat levels.
- LOS values tweaked.

- Added two optional features for the mod
- No changes with the main mod. The 'Update' script is still for users having the 1.6 version.
- Added and updated .txt files to abide with the new mod rules (6/11/2020)

- Compiled 1.7 and 1.7.1 versions into one.
- No additional changes.

- Added a missing line for the catch-up. My bad

- Cops now have Carbon's catch-up, w/c means they won't be left behind easily as before.
- Stability tweaks for Light SUVs.
- Increased cops engaging at a time for heats 1-2.
(Heat 1: 5 units instead of 4, Heat 2: 6 units instead of 5)

-Shorter cooldown time for heat level 9 has been fixed.
-Added uninstall script for the mod.

- Added more cop patrols at higher heat levels.
- Cop formations tweaked at levels 8-10, they'll follow a bit closer to the player than before.
- Stability fixes.

- Air Support units can now spawn at Heat levels 8-10.
- Made some tweaks for Search Helicopters during cooldown.
- Added a text file about adding minor pursuit mods into this mod.

- Fixed an issue where Air Support Units would still leave early in the pursuit.

- Minor tweaks at heat level 7.
- Fuel for Air Support Units has been increased.

- Minor tweaks to cop behavior at higher heat levels.
- SUV Rams can now be encountered at levels 9 & 10.
- Cross will now join pursuits at levels 5 and up. Originally appears only at levels 5,6 & 9.
- Cops can now properly box the player at levels 8 and up.
- Spike strips entirely removed from levels 1 & 2.

- Initial Release
- Formerly named as 'Reworked + Diverse Pursuit System'


Beta Content Mod:

Pepega Edition:

Hot Pursuit Challenges

nfsu360 for Vlted
Frexellia as mentioned above.
nlgzrgn for the NFSMW Unlimiter
Yorpie for the removal of semi trucks in-game as a method for R6025 error fix.
JackJohnson for the bug fix during cooldown phase.
Goodboygamer for the Dodge Charger and Hummer H1 cop vehicles.
GrimMaple for the MWfixes script.
Avalanche for providing useful values for the mod.
DustinEden and Team Pepega for the Pepega Edition
elaymm4 for the Beta Content Mod and Hot Pursuit Challenges.
ExOpts Team for the Extra Options.

Other mods shown in screenshots:
- Fixed Cop Models for MW & Beta Cop Cruiser Recreations by C0mmunityMindedMiner
- Tuneable Mercedes SL65 AMG by Zvott96.
- Beta Visuals by elaymm4 and osdever

If you experience issues with this mod, send me a message here or DM me thru Discord. Splash45#7455


Splash45 (December 18, 2020 @ 09:41)
@SpySappinMyDispenser sadly no, game can only have up to 3 units total in each heat level. Atm it's not possible to mix them all.

SpySappinMyDispenser (December 18, 2020 @ 06:54)
Is there a way to mix all the units? I mean, Cross said EVERYONE

Splash45 (May 21, 2020 @ 03:53)
@NOTORIOUS7302 Miner has his own pursuits modified in that mod. So no..

NOTORIOUS7302 (May 21, 2020 @ 02:52)
Is it compatible with enhanced difficulty mod from Miner?

Splash45 (May 12, 2020 @ 15:41)
@NismoRacer00 I could, but alot of the major mods for Carbon already have Pursuits overhauled. It depends tho..

Uploaded at: April 29, 2020 @ 02:40


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