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NFS Carbon Remastered UI


Need for Speed Carbon is considered one of the best NFS titles of the 2000s, but as time goes on, quality standards go up, so I present to you, the Remastered UI for NFS Carbon, This modification aims to improve the User Interface of the game and much more. All of the textures are re-created following the design of the original textures to keep to the nostalgia that is Carbon. This modification IS NOT a TexMod TPF, instead, all of the textures are replaced directly within the files for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Here are a few notable changes that are made:
  • Fonts
  • Outlines and background elements
  • Menus and selections
  • Autozone and career
  • HUD
  • Crew camos
  • Map and icons
  • Challenge series medals and stars
  • Car classes and types
  • Turf backgrounds
  • Mailbox
  • Pursuit indicators
  • Intro screen
  • Crew section and member abilities
  • Race type icons
  • Aftermarket part logos
  • Track maps
  • (BONUS) Improved brake discs from Undercover
  • (BONUS) Normal-mapped HD Carbon Fiber
  • (BONUS) Modern Palmont license plate

EVERYTHING - Instructions are included in the ReadME file.

>>>> What's new in 4.3?
- Added support for more languages including Russian thanks to Madevi
- Remade all of the aftermarket performance tuning brand logos thanks to Aristo
- Remade and added some missing fronted icons for the shopping card and online mode
- Fixed a lot of aliased textures

>>>> What's new in 4.2?
- Added proper support for World To Carbon thanks to Madevi and rx
- Added a high resolution license plate texture
- Fixed a lot of aliased textures
- Fixed textures being blurry for some laptop users
- Installation is now easier with the use of a combobox

>>>> What's new in 4.1?
* Thanks to Madevi for providing the content for this update *
- Aligned and improved the body font
- Added full Latin support to the body font
- Added new and improved HUD icons for gears, NOS, speedbreaker, ghost and tachometer
- Re-created Palmont map background with CBR support
- Added new minimap icons, such as the mailbox

>>>> What's new in 4.0?
- Title font is now much more accurate
- Added HD movie font
- Added HD barrier arrows
- Added HD crew logos
- Added HD reward cards
- Added some more minimap icons such as spikes, road blocks, garages and more
- Re-created a lot of the icons to be more accurate, such as heat meter, car bucket and minimap

>>>> What's new in 3.3?
- Updated the body font to HelveticaNeue Condensed (Much more accurate)
- Mipmapped the body font
- Removed the bold fonts (again)
- Added NFS 2015 Style Minimap as an optional content
- Added 60FPS Barrier Animation as an optional content
- Added HD Barrier backdrop

>>>> What's new in 3.2?
- Added HD Track maps (Thanks Madevi)
- Bonus contents are back (Bold font and custom license plate)
- Mipmaps are re-adjusted

>>>> What's new in 3.1?
- New and accurate splash screen logo (Thanks Aero_)
- Script cleanup

>>>> What's new in 3.0?
- Moved the mod entirely to Binary
- Every single mod is now supported and should work fine with Remastered UI
- Fonts now look on par with the vanilla game (Thanks Madevi)
- Significantly lowered the file size
- Re-added the HD splash screen logo
- Fixed the radar ring texture

>>>> What's new in 2.6?
- Added Polish characters
- Added a normal-mapped carbon fiber
- Recreated the mouse cursor
- Replaced HD Font Support with HD Content Support
- Slightly adjusted the bonus license plate
- Smoothed the body font further

>>>> What's new in 2.5?
- Fully fixed Carbon Battle Royale Mod Support
- Optimized ALL of the textures for better visibility on low screen resolutions
- Recreated the crew member ability icons
- Recreated ALL of the mode icons
- Recreated the drafter turning indicator icons
- Recreated the vinyl editor icons
- Recreated the Picture-in-Picture frame
- Recreated the drift meter
- In-game emitter UI icons are now properly remastered
- Improved the fonts smoothness
- Fixed the star symbol in the main body font
- Fixed NFS Movie font
- Added two bonus contents (New Palmont license plate & Bold font)
- Upscaled some additional textures with normalmaps
- Added support for Extended Car List 2
- Added support for Ferarri F40 [Add-on]
- Added support for Ferarri 288 GTO [Add-on]
- Added support for Lamborghini Countach [Add-on]
- Added support for (993) 911 Carrera [Add-on]

>>>>What's new in 2.4?
- Minimap radar is now properly remastered
- Added support for the latest Carbon Battle Royale mod
- Optimized a few of the textures
- Added support for Bugatti Divo [Add-on]
- Added support for Bugatti Veyron 16.4 [Add-on]
- Added support for Lotus Evora [Add-on]
- Added support for McLaren Senna [Add-on]
- Added support for Lamborghini Sesto Elemento [Add-on]

>>>> What's new in 2.3?
- Recreated a few of the mode icons
- Recreated the pause menu Palmont City background
- Recreated the keyboard button icons
- Crew camos types are now properly remastered
- Fixed 8-bit looking textures
- Fixed support for Carbon Battle Royale Mod
- Added support for Carbon Battle Royale Car Addon Pack
- Added support for Carbon Battle Royale DLC
- Added support for Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo [Add-on]
- Added support for Ferrari F8 Tributo [Add-on]

>>>> What's new in 2.2?
- Added HD Fonts for title, body and tac numbers
- Added support for Carbon Battle Royale Mod
- Added support for the 2019 Apollo Intensa Emozione [Add-on]
- Detailed the pause menu map with shortcuts, bridges, etc...
- Updated support for the Ultimate Mod
- Improved the emitter textures
- Removed DYNTEX.BIN (Splash screen logo) until TexEd properly supports it

>>>> What's new in 2.1?
- Added support for the Endgame Mod

>>>> What's new in 2.0?
- Fixed DYNTEX.BIN crash, AGAIN (Hopefully this time it works)
- Added support for the Improvement Mod
- Added support for the Ultimate Mod
- Added support for Mitsubishi Eclipse Elite [Add-On]
- Added support for Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione [Add-On]
- Added support for 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution (Evo III) (E30) [Add-On]
- Added support for Ford GTX1 [Add-On]
- Did the EATrax icons

>>>> What's new in 1.1?
  • Fixed DYNTEX.BIN crash (Thanks Aero_)
  • Fixed compression issue
  • Improved and fixed a few icons
  • Added support for MrAdam's Extended Car List
  • Removed unnecessary texture archives






BadassBaboon (March 13, 2024 @ 21:30)
@ingo3112 Get an Ouija board and summon Adolf Hitler instead then, idk. Use the English one from RetroDrive I linked.

ingo3112 (March 13, 2024 @ 21:17)
i use version 1.4 but in german .

ingo3112 (March 13, 2024 @ 21:16)
How about you give a proper answer instead of babbling some shit? I mean what's wrong with you? I asked a normal question.

BadassBaboon (March 13, 2024 @ 14:39)
@ingo3112 Get an Ouija board and summon nfsu360 from whatever Underworld he is currently residing in and ask him why TexEd bricks tpkblocks and where MapToolkit is, then use Carbon 1.4 from Retro Drive ( and install RemasteredUI on top of it, preferably before you install any shady mods.

ingo3112 (March 13, 2024 @ 00:34)
Endscript : D:\RemasteredUI\RemasteredUI.end
03/13/2024 01:06
File: main.end, Line: 72
Command: [update_collection GLOBAL\INGAMEA.BUN TPKBlocks DEFAULT CollectionName INGAMETEXTURES]
Error: Collection named INGAMETEXTURES already exists

File: main.end, Line: 179
Error: Collection named HUDTEXTURESGLOBAL does not exist

i get this how to fix ?

Uploaded at: June 08, 2019 @ 12:39


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