NFS Carbon Remastered UI by BadassBaboon

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NFS Carbon Remastered UI


Need for Speed Carbon is considered one of the best NFS titles of the 2000s, but as time goes, quality standards go up, so I present to you, the Remastered UI for NFS Carbon, This modification aims to improve the User Interface of the game. All of the textures are re-created following the design of the original textures to keep to the nostalgia that is Carbon. This modification IS NOT a Tex Mod TPF, instead, all of the textures are replaced directly within the files for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Here are a few notable changes that are made:
  • Fonts
  • Outlines and background elements
  • Menus and selections
  • Autozone and career
  • HUD
  • Crew camos
  • Map and icons
  • Challenge series medals and stars
  • Car classes and types
  • Turf backgrounds
  • Mailbox
  • Pursuit indicators
  • Intro screen
  • (BONUS) Improved brake discs from Undercover

What is left to do?
  • Crew section and member abilities
  • Race type icons

Carbon Battle Royale Mod
Carbon Battle Royale Car Addon Pack
Carbon Battle Royale DLC
Endgame Mod
Improvement Mod
Ultimate Mod
MrAdam's Extended Car List
Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo [Add-on]
Ferrari F8 Tributo [Add-on]
2019 Apollo Intensa Emozione [Add-on]
Mitsubishi Eclipse Elite [Add-On]
Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione [Add-On]
1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution (Evo III) (E30) [Add-On]
Ford GTX1 [Add-On]

>>>> What's new in 2.3?
- Recreated a few of the mode icons
- Recreated the pause menu Palmont City background
- Recreated the keyboard button icons
- Crew camos types are now properly remastered
- Fixed 8-bit looking textures
- Fixed support for Carbon Battle Royale Mod
- Added support for Carbon Battle Royale Car Addon Pack
- Added support for Carbon Battle Royale DLC
- Added support for Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo [Add-on]
- Added support for Ferrari F8 Tributo [Add-on]

>>>> What's new in 2.2?
- Added HD Fonts for title, body and tac numbers
- Added support for Carbon Battle Royale Mod
- Added support for the 2019 Apollo Intensa Emozione [Add-on]
- Detailed the pause menu map with shortcuts, bridges, etc...
- Updated support for the Ultimate Mod
- Improved the emitter textures
- Removed DYNTEX.BIN (Splash screen logo) until TexEd properly supports it

>>>> What's new in 2.1?
- Added support for the Endgame Mod

>>>> What's new in 2.0?
- Fixed DYNTEX.BIN crash, AGAIN (Hopefully this time it works)
- Added support for the Improvement Mod
- Added support for the Ultimate Mod
- Added support for Mitsubishi Eclipse Elite [Add-On]
- Added support for Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione [Add-On]
- Added support for 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution (Evo III) (E30) [Add-On]
- Added support for Ford GTX1 [Add-On]
- Did the EATrax icons

>>>> What's new in 1.1?
  • Fixed DYNTEX.BIN crash (Thanks Aero_)
  • Fixed compression issue
  • Improved and fixed a few icons
  • Added support for MrAdam's Extended Car List
  • Removed unnecessary texture archives







KDunn69 (September 13, 2019 @ 08:04)
i did what the instructions said and it crashes instantly upon launching the game

HarGabt (August 25, 2019 @ 13:42)
Kallyopae it's because FONT_NFS_MOVIE_LARGE (FrontB1.lzc) from russian localization was used for this mod. But overall issue with crashing with DYNTEX.BIN is fixed.

Sinatra (July 09, 2019 @ 07:55)
DYNTEX.BIN Cmakes the game crash on the intro

Kallyopae (June 17, 2019 @ 17:17)
Game is Collector's Edition and I found another issue: With mod installed - DYNTEX.BIN Game runs perfectly but in wingman presentation videos, their name and position are messed up.

BadassBaboon (June 17, 2019 @ 12:48)
@Kallyopae Hmm... strange, it's either the game or TexED acting weird, I'll try to find a solution.

Uploaded at: June 08, 2019 @ 12:39


2c1baa-Remastered-Textures-2-3.7z (Size: 22.88MB) Latest Version
a36f59-Remastered-Textures-2-2.7z (Size: 21.61MB) Old Version
665a72-Remastered-Textures-2-1.rar (Size: 29.64MB) Old Version